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Google integrates its products users can search for products in Gmail

Google said in its Gmail official blog today that when users search the Gmail interface, search results will include content from other Google services such as Google Drive, Calendar, and so on (pictured below). It is understood that this feature will be temporarily open to American users for the next few weeks. Gmail is arguably one of Google's most successfu

Easy to make products and difficult to make the right products

Easy to make products and difficult to make the right products Author: Yang Zheng | reprinted. The original source and author information of the article must be indicated in hyperlink form during reprinting.Web: http://blog.csdn.net/yzhz/archive/2010/09/16/5887970.aspx It is not difficult for our company to creat

Google's official tutorials selling In-app products

and how to check product details. Buy In-app Billing Products In this lesson you will learn how to buy In-app billing products, track the consumption of purchased items, and find out more about purchased items. Test your In-app Billing program in this lesson you will learn how to test your application to ensure that the In-app billing functions correc

Kai-Fu Lee: Google's Chinese products are already in place and only lack the trust of Internet users.

Sina Science and technology news April 20, Google global vice president, the Greater China President Lee Kai-fu Li in the Boao Forum during an interview with Sina, said Google China's product layout has been very complete, Google Chinese search is also the most outstanding, the only lack of the current user trust and support. "After a few years in the Chinese ma

Notes-the first to third chapter on how Google and Amazon do products

Since it is a note, I only mark what I think is useful to me at this stage. Not a summary of all the contents of the book.The first chapter, the product demand mining ....... Slightly, basically similarChapter II, product definition The first step, write the press release: Name Estimated time of release Target Customer What problems have been solved; How to solve (core function poin

It is rumored that Google will launch mobile phone communication products tomorrow

There have been a long history of rumors about Google mobile phones. From the media that Google was about to push its mobile phone, to Google's denial, to confirmation and denial later, this series of repetitive actions seem to make Google's mobile phone more mysteri

Why am I fascinated by google! Very excited! What is Google? Why is it interesting?

Speech. It can read articles for you. What is Google Earth? Judith: I have heard of it! You can view every corner of the world through it, and you can also enlarge the view of every country. What is Picasa? Judith: It's an interesting drawing software that helps you draw Picasso-style oil paintings. What is Gmail? Jud

How product managers make data "speak" in products"

connect together as a piece of sand. Simply put, it is difficult for the product team to have data concepts, and data teams rarely have product ideas. The operation team is not used to making decisions using data. But the difficulty is that, if there is no way to link these three teams together, where can we start with the value of data. Whenever this happens, I will ask my team the following questions? Who's the problem? Do you need to solve it now? Can there be data to solve the problem? If a

Design discussion: make good Internet products

How to make good products, this is a very big topic, I never dare to touch. But when we ended up at the top developer party and looked at a lot of developers ' meetings and impressions, I was surprised that the developers would take down our suggestions carefully, carefully and meticulously. Yesterday, we communicated with ISVs in other regions, and when we communicated and shared some experience with them,

In the next 60 s, the retirement income will be greatly reduced with 2.1 million. How can we make old-age care affordable financial products for old-age retirement _ Sina finance _ xinlang net

find a way to earn stable income after retirement from various "Treasures. At that time, based on the annualized rate of return of 6%, the annual profit can be 0.12 million yuan, enough to make up for the vacancy left by wages. However, the financial market is changing rapidly. Mr. Ding said with emotion: "Who can think of it? If it is less than a year, the revenue will drop from 7% of the peak to less than 5% ." As a result, he abandoned Internet Fi

How can we make users feel that products are more valuable? Let them DIY it!

manufacturer that makes profits through this method. In other countries, you can build a bear to create your own teddy bear. A store named dinner by design invited customers to shop, study recipes, and then go home to complete cooking. Previously, makeblock and uarm were all such products. The test version of Xiaomi router also needs to be assembled by the user. It is not easy to operate on the "IKEA effect". Below are some suggestions. Only allow u

The idea of Internet product design: Make products for others

, or honest to meet their own more reliable. There are also some entrepreneurs, from the beginning is not to make their own products, such as mobile phone, the person may be the day-to-day use of the iphone. But there is a prerequisite, is that you are very familiar with your target users, like Li xingping familiar with the Internet Café users, Jack Ma familiar with export customers, Ren is familiar with t

How to make products from PD, UED, product itself and operational point of view

Internet products and other products are not the same, TV production out of the good, there is at most a after-sales service, the Internet products are different, made to have someone to use, do a good job to be used, but also to continue to optimize the changes, the product to make only the first step, behind a large

Interactive design: How to make useful products easier to use

, this is the user experience. It can be said that now we are not lack of technology, we do not lack of a shocking vision, which, although the past is what we have been assiduously, now is not surprising. What we lack is the user to use, what we lack is the user continues to pay attention, what we lack is the user exp

Alternative skills: Clever use of Baidu products to make website articles easy to be included

Included is a measure of the degree of site optimization of an important indicator, included in the good and bad often directly affect the site's traffic and rankings. When you see the title, you may ask, included in the decision was originally Baidu itself, the use of Baidu's products how can you let the article included? Baidu does not include Web site articles, the reason is: (1) The original degree of the article is not high (2) article has no me

Use storytelling to make interactive design of mobile phone products

2011 China Interactive Design Experience Day in Beijing, Elya and Alex on behalf of Baidu Mux attended and presided over the "story-telling way to do mobile phone product interaction Design" workshop. Mobile-Device interaction designers are the age-goers as mobile internet waves roll in. You need to know how to design for a real target audience, need to know how to use a real user, need to know how to make your product flesh-and-blood, need to know h

What kind of breast enhancement products are good now? yizijiamei cream star breast enhancement secret

If a male X falls in love with a female, he will want to explore any part of her body. However, for female friends with flat breasts and small breasts, Princess Taiping's identity will produce a sense of inferiority. How many Shao women are willing to let the nearest Child Care of other parts of the body rather than show a flat chest? It is undoubtedly a huge defect to have a pair of breasts jumping like a bunny. What should I do if I want to show him

What are breast enhancement products? (expert Q: 541858080)

As a female, the chest is defective, which is a great defect in life. "Flatbed trucks, airports, spread eggs ......" These common titles make women feel inferior. Breast enhancement is not just a luxury, but a kind of actual demand. What breast enhancement products are there? Are you still worried about your airport? Is there still no way to feel confident? 『Yizh

What is breast enhancement products? (consultation Q: 541858080)

Nowadays, it seems that all the streets are full of milk. To increase their attention, the beauty of women will try their best to show their full breasts. Although it is not difficult for us to find out the existence of these sexy breasts at ordinary times, we have to admit that there are still many girls who feel inferior and unconfident because of their flat breasts, do not enjoy the pride of women. In order to increase their breasts, they repeatedly asked how to increase their breasts.

What breast enhancement products are effective?

It is a kind of pride for women to have a perfect chest, but it is a tragedy to fall in love with male obsessed with female big breasts. As a person grows older, his breasts may become smaller, but male obsessed with female breasts may not change his "Attach" as your breasts become smaller ". What breast enhancement products are effective? Are you still worried about your airport? Is there still no way to f

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