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Realization of Linux network protocol stack by PPPoE

Http://www.cnblogs.com/zmkeil/archive/2013/05/01/3053545.htmlThis title is more tangled, the previously known PPPoE as the underlying carrier of the PPP protocol, and in fact it is a complete protocol, but its implementation is relatively simple, it

Netanalyzer Note ii. Simple protocol analysis

[Creation time: 2015-08-27-22:15:17]NetanalyzerWe reviewed the Netanalyzer some of the optional history, in this article, I decided not to introduce Netanalyzer, but first to understand some of the basic knowledge of building netanalyzer, such as

Real-time Transport Protocol Introduction: RTP protocol Introduction, RTCP protocol Introduction, RTSP protocol Introduction (ZZ)

http://blog.csdn.net/heanyu/article/details/6202500 RTP (Real time Transport Protocol) RTP is a transport protocol for multimedia traffic on the Internet that is published by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) as RFC1889 . RTP is defined

Configure the communication protocol in the LAN

Whether it is a Windows 95/98 peer network composed of several machines, or a large windows NT, Novell, or UNIX/xenix lan, anyone who has personally established or managed the network, you have encountered problems in selecting and configuring

"Go" TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI reference Model detailed

OSI Reference ModelOSI RM: Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model (open Systeminterconnection Reference Model)The OSI Reference model has the following advantages: Simplifies the related network operation; Provide

Network Protocol Model Analysis

Network Protocol Model Analysis Network Protocol designers should not design a single, huge protocol to complete the details of all forms of communication regulations, but should divide the communication problems into multiple small problems, then a

UEFI principles and Programming (ix): How to use protocol in UEFI

How to use protocol in UEFI Preface Start-up service provides a wealth of services for developers to operate protocol, we can use protocol can also develop protocol. This article mainly describes how to use protocol.The use of protocol is

Information security technology and application Internet Security protocol

I. Internet Security Protocol Overview 1.1 Internet Protocol SystemArchitecture of the TCP/IP protocol IP datagram format and TCP/UDP message segment format Web Technology composition: HTTP protocol, HTML markup Language. The relative

Xmodem protocol.

Abstract: This article describes the use of Xmomdem File Transfer Protocol programming, the design for the flash memory embedded system with the PC on the Super terminal software between the file transfer function, in the PC without the installation

Real-time transmission protocol Introduction: RTP protocol introduction, RTCP protocol introduction, RTSP Protocol Introduction

RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol) RTP is a transmission protocol for multimedia data streams over the Internet.Rfc1889Release. RTP is defined to work during one-to-one or one-to-many transmission. It aims to provide time information and implement

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