what roman number of 5000

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Leetcode Roman to Integer

Given a Roman numeral, convert it to an integer.Input is guaranteed to being within the range from 1 to 3999.The topic is short, but the difficulty is still there.First of all, we need to understand how the Roman numbers are counted, and when you

"Python3" 04, built-in data structure

1. Convert integer or floating-point numbers in string form to int or float, not int and float functionsin [57]: str1 =  "2468.1357" In [58]: d1  = {"0":0,  "1":1,  "2":2,  "3":3,  "4":4,  "5":5,  "6":6,  "7":7,  "8":8, 

20145237 Java programming Seventh week of study summary

20145237 "Java program design" The seventh Week study summary textbook Learning content SummaryThe 13th Chapter One, the understanding time and the date 1. Time measurement before you formally know what time Java provides for processing the API, you

Ship Model production Basics

From: http://bbs.mx3g.com/viewthread.php? Tid = 101578 & extra = Page % 3d2 & SID = kbb756 (1) how to view the model work drawingsBefore we made a variety of marine models, we first came into contact with a model work drawing, which not only tells

ORACLE string operations

1 string connection SQL> select 'abc' | 'def 'from dual; 'abc' | ------ Abcdef2 lower case SQL> select lower ('abc012 '); Lower -------- Abc012 3 capital select upper ('abc012 '); Upper--------ABC012 4. Left completionSelect lpad ('abc', 5, '0 ');

Dialogue machine learning Great God Yoshua Bengio (Next)

Dialogue machine learning Great God Yoshua Bengio (Next)Professor Yoshua Bengio (Personal homepage) is one of the great Gods of machine learning, especially in the field of deep learning. Together with Geoff Hinton and Professor Yann LeCun (Yan), he

The jQuery plug-in boxScroll implements image carousel effects, and jqueryboxscroll

The jQuery plug-in boxScroll implements image carousel effects, and jqueryboxscroll BoxScroll Simple implementation of carousel effects for common images. You can control the number list or press the left or right buttons. The logic is very simple.

CSS Counter style try to play

February 3, 2015, CSS Counter Style Level3 became a candidate for the world of the world, it's time to look at the powerful magic of @counter-style how to customize List-style and Counter. Come in and sit down and listen to your brother.Powerful

Is Management scientific or artistic?

Is Management scientific or artistic? 09:26:03 Source: Chinese Entrepreneur Magazine comments 21 articles on entering the Forum Management should be an art major, and managers should be artists like painters, singers, writers, and directors. For

HDU 1729 SG Function

Stone gametime limit: 5000/1000 ms (Java/other) Memory limit: 65535/32768 K (Java/other)Total submission (s): 12 Accepted submission (s): 6Font: Times New Roman | Verdana | GeorgiaFont Size: Bytes →Problem descriptionthis game is a two-player

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