what s new in wordpress 4 9

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Picture ratio Evolution History: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 What's the difference?

Common ratios At the beginning of the information age of 195x, the most notable feature is that analog technology has turned to digital technology, graphic design has been gradually led by electronic devices from paper to media, and the granularity units have changed, but this is not so much for designers, the problem is the ratio. Aspect ratio, which is the height ratio, only discusses the three most common categories: photography, video, and display equipment. The common rates of photograph

What's new in the. net clr 4.0/4.5 GC (New garbage collection mechanism in. Net 4/4. 5)

What's new in the CLR 4.0/4.5 GC? Background and foreground GC in. Net 4 From CLR 1.0, there are two types of Garbage Collector garbage collector. 1. workstation mode GC, also known as concurrent GC [concurrent GC], is DesktopProgramThe garbage collection method. 2. The server mode GC, also called non-concurrent GC [non-concurrent GC], is the garbage collection method prepared for the server program

What's new in IOS 9

Https://www.hackingwithswift.com/ios9Search ExtensibilityUpdate:i wrote a tutorial on Core Spotlight in IOS 9 as Hacking with Swift project 32–check it out!Finally (finally!) You can hook your apps directly to Spotlight for integrated, System-wide search, and it comes in the form of Corespotlight. But don ' t get your hopes up:spotlight doesn ' t just magically index all your data while you sit back and snooze. Instead, you need-specify exactly

What are the new features of Thunderbolt 9

The news of the Thunderbolt 9 appeared to have been very early, then the latest Thunderbolt 9 of the news came out, there are many loyal users of the Thunderbolt waiting for the official version of the arrival, and now the official version of the Thunderbolt 9 has come, has a lot of new features, but also updated a lot

How should we design the database (4) index & writing plan how should we design the database (3) MongoDB development and learning (1) What's new, getting started with the classic MongoDB Development in Practice [no basic learning, complete ASP. n

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What's new in Entity Framework 4? API changes (1 ))

If you have been working with the ADO. NET Entity Framework, you have probably been extremely eager to get your hands on the next version that is now part of Visual Studio 2010 and. net 4.0. long referred to as "EF version 2," this version is now called Entity Framework 4 or EF4, to align with. net Framework 4.0 version. Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 in mid-May along. net Framework 4.0 Beta 1 and developers have been digging deeply. vs

[2016-4-1] OMG American Daily notes-what would do to get know your new colleagues at work?

Insist ~ insist ~ insist ~! Hey there,how ' s It Goin '? How is everything? Hi.i Don ' t think we ' ve met. I ' M mel.we ' ll is on the same marketing team. Hi, we don't seem to have met. My name is Mel. We'll be in the same sales team. I ' m new here! I'm new here. Nice-to-meet you mel.i ' m glad you can see that I ' m

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