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${##%%} in the shell stands for what, memo

#!/bin/bashA=aigo.goto.aigo.gotoEcho ${a#*go}Echo ${a##*go}Echo ${a%.*}Echo ${a%%go*}Execution results. Goto.aigo.gotoToAigo.goto.aigoAiThe memo is as follows:#* string--from left to right the first occurrence of the "string" in variable a (most left) and everything on its left is removed (because there is a *)##* string--from left to right, remove the last occurrence of "string" from the variable A (right) and everything on its leftThe% string *--from right to left removes the first "string" (r

What are the characteristics of SAP training courses in Shanghai?

software. The following describes several skills to better accept the SAP system. First, the key learning method. It is to clarify the focus of each chapter from the first chapter to the last chapter to achieve the effect of integration. Second, the mutual Q A method. When you are studying with students, you can take the form of a and B asking each other based on the basic content that you have mastered. If you are not correct, you can write down

What products does SAP C/4hana contain?

competitiveness, and reap the joys of lifeThe product manager of this team, Xia Jason (Xia Jianjun), wrote an article in which engagement Center was mentioned:From the program ape to the SAP Product manager, how did I transform(3) SAP Hybris knowledge Central by MindTouch(4) Coresystem: Former Swiss enterprise mobile solution provider, then acquired by SAP. Core

What SAP HANA can do

Hana is not a data warehouse, but a platform on which users can build data warehouses or fairs, reports, dashboards, and more. What Hana can do, first as a memory database, provides data insertion, modification, and efficient query functionality. Second, as a platform, on top of Hana, the Bo Reporting system provides a better user experience – almost no need for users to wait for data to be returned. Users can use Hana's modeling tools to access ECC o

What is functional specification in SAP?

To speak at the macro level which is at the project manager or at senior levels. The functional Spec (specification) which is a comprehensive document are created after the (SRD) software Requirements Doc Ument. It provides more details on selected items originally described in the software Requirements Template. Elsewhere organizations combine these-a single document.The functional specification describes the features of the desired functionality. It describes the product ' s features as seen b

Analyze how and what are the pros and cons of the SAP BYD system!

. Paul Greeberg, an expert in ERP and CRM, wrote that "I have always really disliked BYD products, not just in the design and lack of functionality." ”However, it is still not possible for SAP to define resources that are open to midsize enterprises. Because SAP's business is a huge and complex ERP system for large multinational companies. Focusing on these complex businesses is a challenge, and it's no easy matter to focus on midsize businesses. As a

What are the enhancements of sap ecc 6.0?

What is the difference between ecc6.0 and R/3? What new functions have been added to ecc6.0? Are these functions more convenient or easier to use than they were previously? Ecc6. 0 MM Enhanced Function Description 1. Cross-system goods dump: the dump order is created in the ordering factory and transferred to the supply factory. The supply factory can exist in another R/3 system. The Supply Factory included

What should I do with SAP Business Blueprint?

Reference an article on the Internet to learn how to do the business blueprint. The SAP implementation methodology covers five steps, including project preparation and blueprint.Design, System implementation, final preparation, launch and support. Based on the actual experience of multiple projects, we will first discuss how to do the "Current Situation Investigation and Demand Analysis" in the blueprint design phase. 1,Status quo survey and Requireme

What are the meanings of SAP ides, Dev, QAS, and PRD?

1SAPWhat are the meanings of Ides, Dev, QAS, and PRD? 2 What are the steps for implementing sap? A: 1. The ides, Dev, QAS, and PRD of the SAP system are their demonstration exercises, development, quality assurance, and production systems. Where: Ides: Internet demonstration and evaluation system, interactive demonstration and Evaluation System Dev: Developm

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