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SMTP identity authentication is a method to ensure the security of the SMTP server. It requires that you want to use the SMTP server to send emails (that is, emails are finally sent to another SMTP server) before sending a message, you must first

Use Google SMTP to send emails in linux

In linux, when Google SMTP is used to send mail to maintain the server, a server error warning system is often required, and mail is a good way. In linux, mail is generally used to write emails, and the sendmail service is used by default for

Set up the SMTP server under Linux and send the message with the Mail command fine solution

Set up an SMTP server under Linux and send mail using the Mail command fine-Solution steps:1.vi/etc/mail.rc Append the following to the end: set [email protected]    // Default e-mail user email address set smtp=smtp.domain.com  

Zabbix Monitored message failed-smtp-server: Error code 550 and 535

Original issue background:A few days ago, ops colleagues suddenly found that Zabbix monitoring no longer send mail, and Zabbix monitoring interface status can be displayed. Because there have been similar problems, estimated to be 163 mailbox

Borrow smtp.qq.com e-mail

As for the configuration of Sentmail and postfix how troublesome the students here is not much nonsense ... Anyway is configured for n hours, eventually get dizzy also didn't fix ...Here are some ways you can get rid of these two tools completely ...

Use external SMTP to send mail under Ubuntu and CentOS

On CentOS:The first step: Open the POP3/SMTP service in the QQ mailbox set-up account and set up a separate passwordStep two: Yum install-y mailxStep Three: Vim/etc/mail.rc add your mailbox information at the end of the file:Set [email protected]Set

Linux Send mail configuration

1. Configuration Linux client Mail Sending functionSet From=1665***[email protected]Set smtp=smtp.qq.comSet Smtp-auth-user=1665***[email protected]Set Smtp-auth-password=yslsnzvgqqtadhee QQ mailbox Authorization code, need to turn on POP3 and SMTP

Linux Mail Configuration

1, configure the Linux client mail sending function[[Email protected] script] Vim/etc/mail.rcAdd the following in the file:Set From=1665***[email protected]Set smtp=smtp.qq.comSet Smtp-auth-user=1665***[email protected]Set

Use the mail command in RHEL6 to send external emails

In RHEL6, use the mail command to send external mail. First, uninstall the sendmail and postfix: yumremovesendmailyumremovepostfix that come with the system, and then in/etc/mail. add the following lines in rc: setfrom = 123456@126.comsetsmtp = smtp.

Nagios (method of invoking a third-party mail server with the system's own mail under CenOSX64)

Nagios:cenosx64 use the system's own mail to call the third-party email server to send alert messages, the send address can be customizedWays to send mail using an external mailboxBin/mail will send mail by default using local SendMail, which

Send emails via external SMTP in LINUX (directly discard sendmail and postfix)

In LINUX, sending emails via external SMTP (directly abandoning sendmail and postfix). as for how troublesome the sentmail and postfix configurations are, the old man will not talk nonsense here... it takes N hours for the old man to complete the

CentOS installation SendMail and use detailed

Install SendMail 1. Installation: The code is as follows Copy Code #yum install-y SendMail#yum install-y SENDMAIL-CFInstall and start the SASLAUTHD service if SMTP authentication is required:# yum Install-y SASLAUTHD#

Linux CentOS6 mail/sendmail command to send email implementation

Because you often work under Linux, so many times you need to send your work reports or other useful stuff to the people involved, so take the time to study how to send mail under Linux. We can usually use the following 3 to send the way: 1. Use

Linux_ e-Mail

How do I send mail via Linux?Mailbox configuration file:/etc/mail.rc1. mailbox File ConfigurationVim/etc/mail.rc # Add data set [email protected] smtp=smtp.163.com smtp-auth-user=beimen_5321 smtp-auth-password= Beimen123 smtp-auth=login# from the

Linux uses mail to send external SMTP mail

DescriptionLinux's own mail can implement external SMTP mail. There is no need to configure the Postfix,sendmail mail server locally, it does take a bit of time to configure the package. Realize:1. Turn off the SendMail service or postfix service

Linux mail to QQ email __linux

Because of some security settings for QQ mailboxes, mail messages delivered by this machine mail command The SMTP server is localhost SendMail or postfix. So the message from IS from Localhost.localdomain Mail QQ all refused. and returns a 550 error

Set Postfix + SMTP-AUTH + TLS + Openwebmail under Ubuntu7.10

In the previous article, when OutlookExpress is used to receive a mail, the following error occurs: an error occurs when you log on to your email server. Your password is rejected. Account: 'Your mail Server', server: 'Your mail Server',

Configuration of the Linux command send mailbox

command to send mail configuration under Linux1, then modify the/etc/mail.rc, add the following at the end of the file, specify the external SMTP server address, account password, etc.Configured as followsSet from= email accountSet smtp=smtp. QQ

Linux Send mail

One, the Mail command 1. Configure Vim/etc/mail.rc Add the following to the end of the fileSet [email protected] smtp= "smtp.qq.com" Set smtp-auth-user= "[email protected]" smtp-auth-password= "123456" Set Smtp-auth=login

The Mail command for Linux email

One, the Mail command 1. Configuration Vim/etc/mail.rc Add the following to the end of the fileSet from= [email protected]smtp= "Smtp.qq.com" Set smtp-auth-user= " [email protected]"Smtp-auth-password=" 123456 " Set Smtp-auth=login

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