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How the Software design is made (1)--what is a good design? _ Software Design

Summary: A project of the design of the document review meeting, the road technology Daniel has a "warm" discussion, the focus of discussion is how the design is beautiful. There is a "heated" debate about how Oo, how high cohesion is

Software Design: What is software design?

Software Design: What is software design? "Wow, design !" Whenever you talk about this word, will your mind soon pop up with "genius", "inspiration", "creativity "...... In terms of wor

What is software design?

thoughts on this topic as a paper. The following is the article. What is software design? Object-oriented technology, especially C ++, seems to have brought a great shock to the software industry. A large number of papers and boo

Software architecture and design model: what is architecture

function is the most important, and the form must obey the function. Like this, Louis Sullivan, one of the creators of modern architecture schools in the architectural field, also believes that the form should be subject to the function (Forms follows function ). Almost all software design concepts can find more distant historical echoes in the vast history of

What does graphic design do?

Graphic design In the end is what, I believe a lot of friends also said is not the specific content of it, the following small series for you to introduce, a look at it!@ The former child mainly at home with the wife and children, the secondary daily work to exercise the bo

[Technical Discussion] What is the best software design method?

often lack flexibility, that is, they are prone to rigid dogma, but the overall management efficiency is better than that of most companies. However, companies with unclear management systems are similar to the first one. For some transactions that need to be processed quickly, they can achieve very efficient results. Jihadbird 12:01:06 Yes The finer the allocation, the more time it will waste in coordinat

[LINK] What is Web 2.0-Design and business models for next-generation Software

Http://spaces.msn.com/seesunshine/blog/cns! C65f11a9442f377f! 686. Entry What isWeb 2.0-- Design and business models of next-generation Software (Full Text Translation-1Blog Version) 【Author】 Tim Ole (Tim O 'Reilly), Ole Li media company (O 'Reilly Media Inc .)Chairman andCEO Translate:Seesunshine This articleArticleIsO 'ReillyCompanyTim O 'ReillyM

What is web design-from paper to software

The growing importance of the web| design usability concept of web design is directly related to the transformation of the Web category from print to software. In the past, Web sites provided simple features. Most sites simply provide an electronic version of printed matter such as brochures, catalogues, or magazines.

Design (23) 3D graphic software design of binary Functions

Design (23) Graphic software design for Binary Functions This software is designed to create black-and-white illustrations for papers or textbooks. It uses gridlines to represent the 2-element function z = f (x, y). [Note:

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature? graphic explanation: Digital Signature

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature? graphic explanation: Digital SignatureGraphic explanation: what is Digital Signature introduction By David YoudPreface Recently, When I browsed articles related to SSL protocol enc

The product design of the Internet is not only graphic design or UI design

The product design mentioned in this article refers to the use of products in the Internet, such as Web sites, Web pages or the Internet. Usually when we talk about these designs, we will discuss the art or UI design. In fact, the Internet's product design, and not just graphic de

2016.5.15 essay ———— Web graphic design software Illustrator (Ai) and Photoshop (Ps) Introduction

1. Vector Graphics and bitmapsVector diagram:A vector graph is mathematically defined as a series of points connected by lines.Vectors are drawn according to geometric features, and can only be generated by software (not present in reality).The file footprint is small because this type of file contains separate, detached images that can be freely and indefinitely

There is no insurmountable gap between web design and graphic design

Article Description: design works in the texture and the relationship between the plate. Have you ever had, for more and more homogenization of the title gradient, texture and distress it? is design a daily stack of material? As more and more flat Korean pages appear, we may be able to change ideas, less texture, special effects. More

The Execute Hadoop command in the Windows environment appears Error:java_home is incorrectly set please update D:\SoftWare\hadoop-2.6.0\conf\ Hadoop-env.cmd the wrong solution (graphic and detailed)

: http://www.cnblogs.com/zlslch/p/7473861.htmlLife is short, I would like to share. This public number will uphold the old learning to learn the endless exchange of open source spirit, gathered in the Internet and personal learning work of the essence of dry knowledge, everything to the Internet, feedback back to the Internet.Current research areas: Big data, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, data analysis. Languag

What is software testing? What is the purpose and significance of software testing?

The first is to use manual or automatic means to run or determine the process of a system. The purpose is to check whether it meets the specified requirements or to find out the difference between the expected results and the actual results. Second, software testing is to carefully

Graphic software vendor Xara is under pressure from Microsoft.

Article title: Xara, a graphics software vendor, is under pressure from Microsoft. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to a foreign report, Xara, a British small vector graphics

What kind of computer configuration should be used for graphic design?

The graphic design has a high demand for the display effect, but less than 3D users. CPU requirements are higher, the last is hard disk needs larger, size depends on your workload, the proposal or buy brand machine, now brand machine and the same configuration of the assembly machine price difference is not very big, y

[Software life] thinking: What is the purpose of the software, what the programmer is actually doing

Recommend a text Dr. Hangyuan Li on my understanding of machine learning machine learning and natural language processingHttp://www.thebigdata.cn/JieJueFangAn/13162.htmlDr. Hangyuan Li's "Talking about my understanding of machine learning" machine learning and natural language processingThis article is well written, and it is understandable to get started.To know that w

Graphic explanation: What is a digital signature

private key was compromised. And that's almost impossible.Susan's CA certificate validation is widely accepted.We went on to say that Bob sent the signed document to Pat.In order to verify the digital signature on the document. Pat first uses the software to test the certificate on Bob's document with the public key of Susan (the CA). Assuming that the certificate is

What is the graphic file format?

. It is a compressed format that consumes less disk space. Because the format takes a long time and has the ability of compression and full color, the PCX format is still very popular.PSD format (Photoshop format)The standard file format self-built by Photoshop, an image processing software developed by Adobe, is the P

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