what term for individual items in array

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Reprint: "Backpack Ninth lecture"

"Backpack Ninth Lecture"p01:01 knapsack problemTopicThere are n items and a backpack with a capacity of V. The cost of article I is c[i], the value is w[i]. The solution of which items are loaded into the backpack allows the sum of the costs of

Backpack Nine talk--dynamic planning

Knapsack problem is a typical DP problem, and almost all types of knapsack problems can be converted to DP operations.p01:01 knapsack problemTopicThere are n items and a backpack with a capacity of V, the cost of the article I is c[i], the value is

Designing PHP Project rationally with encapsulation class--on encapsulation of class in PHP project

Packaging | design | Project coding is not a difficult task for qualified PHP programmers (perhaps just a matter of time), so the system analysis and design phase becomes particularly important. However, this article does not intend to discuss and

PHP Coding specification in PHPCMS development documentation

Note: This is the code specification from the PHPCMS development document, although the development specification is called PHPCMS, but I think all PHP programming should be so. Write so much php, a lot of coding compared to this specification is a

Vim, an open source text editor

vim,http://linux.21ds.net/2002/03/13/0268dc26fd9c725c23dae68d797935f3/ Author: Bram MoolenaarTranslation: Slimzhao The creator of the open source free software-vim In this article describes the development of vim in the insider and the direction of

Basic software development knowledge

Basic knowledge of Software Development Han huijian I. Concept of software 1Software:Is a part of computer systems that is mutually dependent on hardware. It includes a complete set of programs, data, and related documents. Where Program-a

Proxy data proxy for extjs4

ArticleDirectory 1. Ext. Data. Proxy. Proxy 5. Ext. Data. Proxy. localstorage 6. Ext. Data. Proxy. sessionstorage 7. Ext. Data. Proxy. Server Proxy data proxy is the only way to perform data read/write operations. The

The path to the migration of jquery to Vue

BackgroundAfter doing the three-terminal project of some super-complex L10 in the previous period, the group's small partners agreed that it was time to find a way to unify the development model in the group. Because with NIE that set of

Session and cookie differences and connections, session lifecycle, multiple service deployment session Management

The difference between session and Cookie Object Information size Save time Application Range Save location Session Small, simple data User activity time + a delay time (typically 20 minutes)

Type of error

Error The basic skills required to use ASP are described earlier, and the other issue in this chapter is what to do when an ASP error occurs, and what happens when an ASP goes wrong. When a carefully choreographed ASP page problem stops executing,

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