what three basic backup topologies

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Basic Linux backup and recovery knowledge

, S and F. Command Options: 0---9 specifies the backup level that dump should perform. B specifies the block factor that dump should use. U specifies dump to update the dumpdates file. N notify the operator group members when completing the operation. D (density) and S (size) Tell dump how large the backup volume is. Dump uses these numbers to estimate the size of the

centos6.5 MySQL installation + remote Access + Backup Recovery + basic operations

| Leveraging the Cd/program files/mysql/mysql Server5.0/bin "command into Bin folder | Export the database to a file, such as Mysqldump-u root-p voice>, with "mysqldump-u user name-p databasename >exportfilename"Voice.sql, then enter the password to start the export. 1.2revert to MySQL Command line Client, enter the password, and enter the "MySQL>, enter the command"show databases;", enter to see what database it is, build the database you want to re

Understanding the basic principles of Oracle backup and recovery with SCN changes

5 586692 6 586722 7 586751 8 586805 Let's take a look at which group is the current log group? SQL> select group#,status,first_change#,first_time from v$log; GROUP# STATUS FIRST_CHANGE# FIRST_TIME---------- ---------------- ------------- ------------------- 1 ACTIVE 586734 2012/07/18 09:45:12 2 ACTIVE 586762 2012/07/18 09:46:15 3 CURRENT 586816 2012/07/18 09:47

Basic management of the sixth day file and XFS system backup recovery

Dialog---------------------------------Xfsdump:creating dump Session Media file 0 (media 0, file 0)xfsdump:dumping ino Mapxfsdump:dumping Directoriesxfsdump:dumping non-directory FilesXfsdump:ending Media fileXfsdump:media File size 24232 bytesXfsdump:dump size (non-dir files): 2592 bytesXfsdump:dump complete:23 seconds ElapsedXfsdump:dump Summary:Xfsdump:stream 0/opt/dump_sdb1 OK (Success)Xfsdump:dump status:successTo view backup information:You can

Basic interaction of Python--boto3 with DYNAMODB, backup and recovery of tables

) Response= Self.client.describe_table (tablename=tablename)PrintResponseThis is the creation of a table with no indexes. It takes time, so the Get_waiter () method is used.4. Inserting data def Put_item (self,tablename,item): Try : self.client.put_item ( TableName=TableName, item=item ) except Exception as E: Print ' ' + str (e) exit (-1) Else: ReturnThis method of

16, SQL Basic collation (trigger. Easy Backup)

Trigger (Easy Backup)is essentially a stored procedure, but not through exec to invoke execution, but by adding and deleting the operation of the database to execute (can manipulate the view)Disable all triggersALTER TABLE teacher disable trigger AllTurn on Trigger allALTER TABLE teacher enable trigger allCreate TRIGGER tr_student_delete--Default trigger nameOn student--which table to operate oninstead of Delete--for

Gitlab basic Operations-upload, download, library migration/backup and recycling/renaming

Gitlab basic Operations-upload, download, library migration/backup and recycling/renaming Gitlab Basic ConceptsGitlab is a Web-based Git repository management tool with wiki and issue tracking capabilities. GitLab is developed by GITLAB Inc. to use open source licenses.GitLab was developed by Ukrainian programmers Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Valery Sizov. It is w

Linux Basic Learning-Nic does not start after cloning backup

Today in the practice of a sudden thought if the current use of the virtual machine in the system is broken or an unknown failure to affect the learning progress what to do, after all, re-install a system to delay a lot of time, so want to use the current normal system copy a backupAfter copy, use VMware to open and change the name, boot OK, login OK, test network faile ... Restart the NICTip "Device eth0 does not seem to be present,delaying initializ

Java thousand ask _03 Basic grammar (014) _volatile keyword What's the use

Click to enter _ more _java thousand ask1. What is the use of volatile keywordsVolatile is a keyword in the Java language and is a variable modifier. It is designed to modify variables that are accessed and modified by different threads.The role of volatile is to ensure that this directive is not optimized by the compiler as an instruction keyword, and that all threads applied to read the variable have the same value.Simply put, the compiler is preven

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