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Differences between PHP date and gmdate and how to modify the default time zone of PHP

The time in PHP has two formatting functions: Date () and gmdate (), which are described in the official document as follows: Date-format a local time/date Gmdate-format a gmt/UTC date/time and return the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT ). For example, if

Differences between date and gmdate in PHP and default time zone settings

This article mainly introduces the difference between date and gmdate in PHP and the default time zone settings. For more information, see I. What is the difference between date and gmdate?The PHP time function has two formatting functions: date ()

CentOS7 set date and time methods and introduction to basic concepts

In the CentOS 6 version, the time setting has the date, Hwclock command, starting with CentOS 7, using a new command timedatectl. I. Basic CONCEPTS 1.1 GMT, UTC, CST, DST time (1) UTC The whole earth is divided into 24 time zones, each of which

Linux date-d parameter usage

Lately I've racked my brains to write a shell that adjusts time, and it turns out that someday#info dataIt was ecstatic to see the flexible use of the data-d parameter. Good things to keep, tidy up:* To print the date of the day before

Linux system time setting of xen Virtual Machine

Xen Virtual Machine linux system time settings have not been expected to become a problem, but because of the special requirements in the project, the server needs to be set to China Standard Time. So I studied it. It turns out that after the

Ios-nsdate 8 hours.

NSDate is stored in world standard Time (UTC) and needs to be converted to local time when output It seems to be starting from ios4.1 [NSDate Date]; It's GMT time, which is 8 hours away from Beijing time, and the following code solves this problem.

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