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Blog Mass vs Blog marketing What you need to know

A lot of novice friends think, do blog marketing, is the blog group to build mass, and then the advertising content mass, thought that issued a number of violent, there are always several people see. But it backfired, made a period of time, found no effect, baffled. Also meet people said, I have hair today how many outside the chain, how much is included. But real traffic has gone up very little, even down.

What is the role of a blog and how to write a blog?

What is the role of blog? Some time ago, it was about one or two years ago. It seems that all people are writing blogs, fashion, news everywhere, and websites are talking about blogs, it seems that if you don't mention this, you will be outdated, and you will also talk about What Web 2.0 represents. As a result, various blog

What is a blog? What is RSS? News aggregation Tool

Rss|rss What is a blog? What is RSS? News aggregation Tool Arron posted on 2004-6-7 1:08:13 What is a blog? -Blog, is the abbreviation of weblog. -Weblog, is the combination of web and log words. Web, refers to the world Wide Web

What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation tool

What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation toolArron posted on 1:08:13What is a Blog?-Blog, short for Weblog.-Weblog: a combination of Web and Log. Web refers to World Wide Web; Log, which is originally defined as "Marine Log" and later refers to any type of flo

What is blog?

Recently, some people often ask on QQ, what is a blog? It seems that there are still many people who are confused about the blog. Next I will give a brief introduction to the blog. A blog is an online diary. A blog is a web pa

What can we do on the blog (blogs)?

The trend has been formed 1995 years or so in the country, when you ask about your friends around you, how much of your e-mail, probably few people will say that they have used the "new gadget." Because the domestic network has not been fully popularized in that era, let alone the popularity of e-mail. And when the time comes 2007 years, you can send a post on the network casually, do statistics, how many people have played the blog. The usage rate of

What is the difference between the blog group building and the wheel chain model of the site group?

Use the time to update articles for blogs and websites, and decide to write something to the blog, feelings and hair: because at ordinary times QQ Communication has friends on the blog Group building and site groups to build the model seems to be a bit confusing, think that group building blog (here is the following figure shown in the free

What is blog (turn) _ Web surfing

What are blogs, weblog, blogs, bloggers, blogs? I think from the current web technology perspective can be defined as: 1 blog is a simple website content management System (CMS). 2 The content of the blog has time characteristics, and is generally classified. 3 blog can be through the form of comments and other forms o

What is the difference between BBS and blog? [Reprint]

their own living space and service objects, and there is no such problem as who replaces them, just like the metaphor of bus and private car.3. BBS uses post fixation and post time sequence to organize posts ( Article ), And use the classification method to classify posts (articles), but the classification users cannot be changed, only the Administrator has this permission; blogs organize articles (posts) in calendar mode, but blogs can classify articles (posts) by themselves.4. BBS allows user

What should I do if I write a blog program in php?

I want to write a blog program in php, that is, a blog program on this page. I have read some website blogs and it seems that there are some differences, I don't know what to write in it. What should I write on the home page? urgent, ------ solution ------------------ Basic functions: user registration, login, password

What is the use of the optional type (Optional) in Swift? And! The difference (reprint blog, knowledge sharing)

This article reproduced from: Code Craftsman's Blog, original name: Swift? And!The swift language uses VAR to define variables, but unlike other languages, Swift does not automatically assign an initial value to a variable, which means that the variable does not have a default value, so it must be initialized before it is required to use the variable. If you do not initialize before using the variable, you will get an error:C code var stringv

What do I want to say when my blog breaks through 0.15 million?

This article is from: Cao shenghuan blog column. Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/csh624366188 Unconsciously, the number of visits to a blog has exceeded 0.15 million. I am very excited and grateful to you for seeing the rapid growth of my blog visits every day. Thank you very much, thank you for your trust and support. You have never be

What does 51CTO blog mobility mean?

I wrote the headline in a red face.Just like in 21st century today, I seriously said: "Mobile phone to the internet means what?" ”Fortunately, a lot of seemingly incredible things, in a specific environment, it is not so inconceivable. If you say this to a mountain child, you will understand.51CTO brings together the most elite internet it people in China, but the community is not yet mobile.It's unbelievable. Fortunately, the peer also not to force,

From SEO point of view Blog revision should pay attention to what problems

Yesterday on my personal blog, for the fourth time revision, this time the movement is relatively large, blog source program are changed, the article to redistribute. This determination is also considered for a long time, the reason for such a long time is more is the site revision of the site rankings caused by the impact. Webmaster Friends are aware of the blog

Blogger spaces, What blog services do you want to provide?

What is blogger spaces? The following is an explanation from blogger spaces: What is blogger spaces? Blogger is the world's largest blog provider, Google's blog. Compared with the powerful features of MSN spaces, blogger inherits the concise and clear style of Google. Compared with the rich content of many

What value does the blog Park bring to you?

I have been a member of the blog site since I started building the site. I am not humble enough to say that I am a veteran of the blog site. In the spring and autumn of a few years, the blog garden continues to grow and grow, with my growth and development. During this period, the blog Park has created countless values

"Bo Master Benefits" blog Save draft lost what to do?

-s_3167458311.png "title=" write the title. png "alt=" wkiom1ey5k6jgav3aadsdrhgsn8317.png-wh_50 "/> You can insert a paragraph reference650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/86/08/wKiom1ey5mjT9HNNAAG_-m0xJxc054.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_161657961.png "title=" paragraph references. png "alt=" wkiom1ey5mjt9hnnaag_-m0xjxc054.png-wh_50 "/> Can be added to the buying style650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/86/08/wKioL1ey5n2Sb8hXAAJ5Fgjt7N0151.png-wh_5

I cannot post flash html code in my blog. Does anyone know what is going on?

Http://www.cnblogs.com/begtostudy/archive/2010/08/20/1804444.html Source code: But when I open the page, there is nothing. It is strange that it was previously displayed normally. FollowJowoI can save it and put it in HTML to open it. Jowo said, "It is estimated that it was blocked by the blog Park" (See http://space.cnblogs.com/question/17229) But I didn't see any notifications about the blog Park. It

Career change, blog record what you think

Undergraduate is the electronic information engineering, the time of a big semester to enter the laboratory study. From a variety of single-chip, modular electricity, embedded all the way, participated in the province won the prize, issued a patent, also do a few projects.Two months ago (senior year) contact front end, like. Because I always like to do direct contact with the user of things, rather than the industrial level of things, the front-end just fits. Plus a lot of smart people in the pr

What do you think when the author of your blog posts becomes "edit and organize?

I have said this on many occasions: To a large extent, I regard my blog as a memorandum. In many cases, some things need to be used. I think of articles I have written, so I will enter Artech and Related keywords on Google to search for my articles. I found that almost every article of mine will be reprinted by many websites, and some will be signed by Artech, but many authors will write the ghost name and so on. I am also familiar with this and accep

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