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Photoshop CS Draw Compact Ballpoint pen

first, draw the pen 1. New file, size is 12cmx12cm, resolution is 72dpi. 2. Open the Paths (path) panel and rename the new Path1 to "pen". Using the Pen tool, draw the pen shape, as shown in Figure 1. 3. Activate the "pen" path, create a new

Draw "pen" with "pen"-photoshop make lifelike dip water pen

Dip Water Pen Final draw effect: Click the picture to enlarge and view 1. Create a new 600*600 canvas. 2. Use the Pen tool to draw the tip of the pen with the water dip. The path is shown in Figure A1. The path is then converted

Painting tips: Draw a pen with flash

Skills Today to you to write a tutorial, mainly about the performance of texture problems, but also want to take this to ask everyone, I am not so stupid practice. Steps (Made in FLASHMX): 1 Create a new flash document. 2 "Insert"-"new symbol",

Illustrator using pen tool to draw a closed triangular cone tutorial

To the users of the illustrator software to share a detailed analysis of the use of the pen tool to draw a closed triangular cone of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The role of illustrator is to create a path. Users can use it to

Teach you easy to master PS Pen tool

How do you get the curves you want in Photoshop? How do I edit an existing path curve? With this kind of question, we invite the protagonist of this tutorial-pen tool. (This article takes the latest Photoshop7.0 as an example) The Pen tool is

PS Tutorials: usage of PEN tools

  This tutorial describes how to use the pen tool in detail. It is very important to plot the pen tool. A seemingly complex tool is not that easy to use. The following tutorials describe how to better understand and use this tool. It is

Photoshop makes wooden pen rod with pen

1. Create a new 400*600 file. --The NIB-- 2. Use the pen to check out the outside shape of the pen, according to Ctrl+enter into the selection, with RGB (120,116,138) for filling. Figures 1, 2, 3 No.1 No.2 No.3

How to use Photoshop Pen tool

Bezier tool is a very important drawing tool in the graphics software Ann, but many people find it difficult to grasp, this tutorial concisely introduces the pen tool in Photoshop function and use, I believe it will be helpful to everyone. How do

Photoshop Simulation Example: Vintage wooden pen Dip pen

Today we use PhotoshopTo draw a simulation example: a beautiful vintage wooden pen dipped in the fountain pen. A white cylindrical metal product resembling a nib can be made with an undertone-highlight (white)-reflective (black). Finish effect:  

How to use the ps pen tool in the ps Pen Tool Group-ps tutorial

The following describes how to use the ps pen tool group? Let's get to know this photoshop pen tool. We know that photoshop is the most common bitmap drawing tool and one of the most widely used tools. Many netizens use photoshop to draw and process

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