what to printer says offline

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What if the printer is offline and cannot print?

prepare what to work: a printer, a USB print line, a printer corresponding to the driver, the printer power to open! If the printer hardware is not a problem, at the same time with the four points, you can be sure that the printer

What does the printer go offline mean

For many office users, often encounter the problem of the printer offline, because many of the friends who use the printer is a clerical class, one encountered the printer offline can not print will have no strategy, do not know what

What does a printer go offline mean?

  What does a printer go offline mean? The printer is offline, with the following two cases: 1, if it is local printing is the printer is not open or the line is not connected well; 2. If the network printing is to see whether

What should I do if the win8 system printer is offline?

1, we right-click right click or move to the desktop will open the menu, and then click the "Settings" button 2, in "Settings" found in the Settings list, "Control Panel" option, open access 3, in the Control Panel "view mode" for "category" of the entire case click "View devices and printers" effect shown in the following figure. 4, then in the entry into the interface we then click "See what is being printed" effect as show

Solutions for printer offline status cannot be printed

to install it, you can say, all the printer soft fault can be installed from the printer during a part of the process to find the reason, printer offline is no exception! It goes without saying that the printer does not print the print

On Windows 7, the printer status displays "offline" and how to restore it

In this article, we will introduce the printer status on Windows 7 to all of you. For more information about how to restore the printer status to offline, see. Step 1. Find the device and printer] The following uses Samsung SCX-4x28 Series PCL 6 as an example. Symptom chart: The p

How does the WIN8 system remove the printer from the offline state?

we have contact with the printer every day and use it to print the data every day. Recently, there are WIN8 system users, in the use of the printer when the failure, that is, the printer appears offline status, resulting in the inability to print. So how do you solve such problems? Let's talk about the way the WIN8 sys

On Windows 7 systems, printer status is "Offline" and how to recover

Step 1. Find "Devices and printers" The following operation takes the example "Samsung scx-4x28 Series PCL 6". Symptom diagram: Printer status shows "Offline" Click the "Start" option in the lower left corner of the computer and select "Devices and printers." Step 2. Locate the printer icon and select "See what

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