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MYSQL index type, under what circumstances index is not used, and under what circumstances is not recommended

what circumstances are indexes, but not used?Indexes do not always take effect, such as the following, which will invalidate the index : If there is or in the condition, even if some of the conditions in the index are not used ( which is why the use of or

What is the SIM card type of Apple iphone6? What SIM card is used for iPhone 6?

What SIM card does iphone6 use? Nano-sim Card specific size is 12x9mm, only the first generation of SIM card (25x15mm) area of about 30%, the thickness is only 15% of the latter, and even if compared to the 15x12mm size of the Micro-sim card, Nano-sim card can save 40% of the space, This apparently frees up more space for other components inside the phone.It

Mysql-what type is used to obtain the value of the form check box?

The field type set in mysql is the checkbox corresponding to the setjsp page. what attributes should be used in the persistence object? PrivateStringxx? PrivateList lt; String gt; xx? Or what ?? I tried both of the above... the first one can only get one value, and the sec

Enumeration-a large number of numbers in PHP are used to identify the type or status. what is the optimal solution?

Now we use an ftype field int type in the mysql database table to identify the type. at this time, there are about 20 types. because of the long term, various numbers in the program seem very laborious. How do you deal with such problems in the program? Now the idea is... now we use an ftype field int type in the mysql

Which file directory The session information is stored in and what type of data can be used to save _php tips

Where is the 1.SESSION information stored? Copy Code code as follows: Session_Start (); $_session[' name ']= ' Marcofly '; ?> Session default is saved to the C:\Windows\Temp directory, but by modifying the Session.save_path value in php.ini You can change the save path of the session. such as: Session.save_path = "D:/wamp/tmp" After executing the code, it will be in the D:/wamp/tm

In the database, what field type is used to indicate the status?

Although tinyint has been used for storage in the past, but if the business logic is often changed, the order of numbers is disrupted, and it becomes difficult to identify with the naked eye, if you execute SQL statements directly in the database and check the constant configuration, it means that many open-source foreign programs use character storage. Although

What is bit rate control? In video coding, what is the concept of bitrate control, and what is it achieved by what?

Bit rate control is actually a coding optimization algorithm, which is used to control the video stream size. So what is the purpose of its control? We can imagine that the same video encoding format, the code flow

How the various coding sets in PHP are used in detail and under what circumstances

points using a sequence of one or two unassigned 16-bit code units; UTF-32 each Unicode code point to be represented as a 32-bit integer of the same value. How to solve the problem of using garbled PHP 1 Use the label to set the page encoding The role of this label is to declare the client's browser with what character set code to display the page, XXX can be GB2312, GBK, UTF-8 (and MySQL

How Spring is used in WEB apps

②. Spring configuration file, not unlike a non-WEB environment ③. You need to include the following configuration in the Web. xml file: 2. How does Spring integrate Struts2? 1). Integration Goals? Enable IOC containers to manage Struts2 's action! 2). How do I integrate? ①. Normal Join STRUTS2 ②. Configuring the Struts2 Action in the Spring IOC containerNote: When configuring the Struts2 Action in an IOC container, the scope property needs to be configured with a value of prototype Class= "Co

What is the ioctlsocket () function used? What is the return value? How many parameters are there? What are its parameters used?

any data left. If you are in an "urgent" (out-of-band)If there is regular data before the data, the data is received in order (note that the Recv () and recvfrom () operations are not performed inObfuscation of common and out-of-band data in one call ). Argp points to a bool type, ioctlsocket ()The returned values are saved.Compatibility:This function

It is important to get used to improving Code coding efficiency!

It is important to get used to improving Code coding efficiency. Experience:1. Clarify the requirements before writing code (this is critical): How many functions can be used to successfully convert the business?2. DesignClarify the Business Objects, from large to fine-grain

What is a signature? How can I ensure the security of API interfaces and data between servers and apps?

I have heard of some signatures and symmetric encryption, but I don't know what to understand. How do you sign and encrypt them between servers and apps? How do you call signatures? Thank you. I have heard of some signatures and symmetric encryption, but I don't know what to understand. How do you sign and encrypt them between servers and

Redis series-1 [brief introduction]-What is it? What is it used? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

queues as an embedded list to meet real-time high concurrency requirements. In the process of processing data of an e-commerce type, queues related to commodities, hot sales, and recommended sorting are usually stored in redis, during which storm is also expanded to read and update the redis list. For a detailed example, refer to another blog post of this ID: Storm [topn] sorting. The storm-redis-pubsub i

What is the difference between H5 and native apps?

help you develop mobile web App⊙ cross-platform development ⊙ users do not need to go to the store to download the installation App⊙ any time can publish the APP , because there is no need for official store audit ⊙ If you already have a Web App, you can use responsive web design to help improve six, defect native app⊙ development cost is high, especially when you need a variety of mobile devices to test ⊙

What is type 0 grammar, type 1 grammar, type 2 grammar, type 3 grammar?

these types of grammar, so what we see in the questions is at least the type 0 grammar.Type 1 grammarType 1 grammar is also called context-sensitive grammar, which corresponds to a linear bounded automaton. It is based on the type

What is annotation, how to use annotation, why is annotation used, and why is annotation used

What is annotation, how to use annotation, why is annotation used, and why is annotation used Annotation Annotation can be seen as an extension template for a class/method. Each class/method i

What is the bundle ID for iOS apps?

What is bundle ID?Bundle ID (Bundle Identifier) is a unique identifier for an iOS app and is the only correspondence between apps and Bundle IDs.Note: Once the app is created, the Bundle ID will not be modifiable, and if it has to

[2016-05-12] OMG American Note-do you have a sweet tooth? What is your favorite type of dessert? What is your favorite type of candy?

Insist ~ insist ~ insist ~! Sweet Tooth Like to eat sweets What should we get for dessert? What do we have for dessert? We just finished eating dinner! And you ' re already thinking about dessert!? We've just had dinner, and you've been thinking about dessert? Sorry.i have such a huge sweet tooth! I love dessert. I'm sorr

Python2.7 Chinese character encoding. What encoding format is used when Unicode is used?

"Chinese characters, however, the bytecode in the source file of the script may be any type-GBK or GB18030 in Windows. So what python sees is a string of GBK/GB18030 encoded bytes, and you try to tell python that it is UTF-8-encoded, it naturally reports an error. The second problem

What is the difference between \ R and \ n, how should I use it when coding?

"word cart" (roller) rolls up a line (equivalent to the "word car" moves down one line) to begin entering the next line. These two actions together are called "carriage returns", which is equivalent to the "enter" key in the keyboard now.Telex Typewriter:(The TTY concept under Teletype Model 33,linux/unix also comes from this) can be played 10 characters per second. But it has a problem, that is, when the

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