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Php converts the url address to the complete a tag link code (php adds a tag for the url address)

';Echo linkAdd ($ content ); The returned content is: The code is as follows:Http://baidu.com is the first A tag, growth footprint-focus on the development of the Internet this is the second A tag. Http://www.bitsCN.com this is the first URL address to be extracted, http://blog.baidu.com this is the second URL addres

Php converts the url address to the complete a tag link code (php adds a tag for the url address) _ PHP Tutorial

the second A tag.Http://www.jb51.net this is the first URL to be extracted,Http://blog.baidu.com this is the second URL to be extracted., This is an IMG tag ';Echo linkAdd ($ content ); The returned content is: The code is as follows: Http://baidu.com This is an IMG tag That is,

PHP translates URL address into full a tag link code (PHP adds a tag to URL address) _php instance

Preg_match_all ('/$linkList = $linkList [0]; $str =preg_replace ('/ //extract Replaces all IMG tags (uniform markup preg_match_all ('/]+>/im ', $content, $ Imglist); $imgList = $imgList [0]; $str =preg_replace ('/]+>/im ', ' //to extract the replacement standard URL address $str =preg_replace (((f|ht) {1}tp://) [-a-za-z0-9@:%_/+.~#?//=]+) ', ' //Restore A is uniformly marked as the original a label $arrLen =count ($linkList); for ($

What is the META tag in HTML? Introduction to META Tag properties

This chapter introduces you to the META tags in HTML. An introduction to the properties of the META tag. Have a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. What is a meta tag? The META tag is a key tag in the head area of the HTML

Php converts the URL address to the complete A tag link code-PHP source code

tag$ ArrLen2 = count ($ imgList );For ($ I = 0; $ I $ Str = preg_replace ('/} Return $ str;}$ Content ='Http://baidu.com this is the first A tag,Growth footprint-focusing on Internet development is the second A tag.Http://www.111cn.net this is the first URL to be extracted,Http://blog.baidu.com this is the second URL

The use of the Django URL tag and the reverse () function

the URL, the situation is greatly different.Urlpatterns defines the first page address of the information, if you want to use the URL tag in the template, then add the name parameter to the corresponding URL in Urlpatterns, as followsProgram codeUrlpatterns = Patterns (", u

Php converts the URL address to the complete A tag link code.

;/$ LinkList = $ linkList [0];$ Str = preg_replace ('/// Extract and replace all IMG tags (unified tag Preg_match_all ('/] +>/im', $ content, $ imgList );$ ImgList = $ imgList [0];$ Str = preg_replace ('/] +>/im', '// Extract and replace the standard URL address$ Str = preg_replace ('(f | ht) {1} tp: //) [-a-zA-Z0-9 @: % _/+ .~ #? // =] +) ',' // Restore the uniform A

WordPress tips: how to add a slash (/) to the end of a list URL, such as a category or Tag

What makes WordPress powerful is that what we can think of has been implemented, but we don't know. There are many solutions on the internet, basically classified as: 1. through RewriteRule301 jump implementation (if it is included in the URL can be, but at the beginning is not recommended to use) 2. implemented by modifying the wp-includescanonical.php

PHP translates URL address into full A-tag link code

The needs to be extracted is as follows: nbsp; nbsp; Code as follows: ; This is the second URL address that needs to be extracted. lt;img border= "0" alt= "" src= "error.html", this is an IMG tag nbsp; nbsp; That is what we want. nbsp; Example 2, nbsp; code as follows:/** nbsp;* PHP version modified on the basis of the Silva code nbsp;*

What is URL forwarding and creating multiple Web sites with one IP address-Host Header Method

What is URL forwarding? URL Forwarding is a special value-added Domain Name Service provided by Chinese enterprise resources for domain names registered with Chinese enterprise resources. This service is set through special technologies of Chinese enterprise resource servers, when you access your domain name, it will automatically jump to another network

Enter the URL in the browser address bar, press ENTER after what happened?

1. Background informationWhat happens when you enter a URL in the browser's address bar and return to it? This is a classic face test, but also a complex topic, involving a lot of things, different software developers have different answers to this question, for some of them can be unlimited to delve into, today we will focus on the Web front-end to see what happened.2. Knowledge AnalysisBasic Flow:① Queryi

Computer network "6"--what happened from the browser input URL to the display page

, that is, the requested resource has been permanently transferred to the new location. When the 301 status code is returned, the response message is also accompanied by a redirected URL, which the client receives and then changes the URL of the HTTP request to be sent again. 404 Not Found Indicates that the resource requested by the client could not be found.9. The server returns the appropriate fileAfter

What's the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?

Https://stackoverflow.com/questions/417142/what-is-the-maximum-length-of-a-url-in-different-browsersShort Answer-de facto limit of charactersIf you keep URLs under to characters, they ' ll work on virtually any combination of client and server software.If you is targeting particular browsers, see below for more details specific limits.Longer answer-first, the standards ...RFC 2616 (Hypertext Transfer Protoc

Test frequently--what happens when a browser enters a URL and clicks enter

settings-outer chain style-inline style--html.C. Use the DOM and Cssom to build a rendering tree (rendering trees).The render tree and the DOM tree are a bit like, but there are differences.The DOM tree corresponds completely to the HTML tag one by one, but the render tree ignores elements that do not need to be rendered, such as head, Display:none elements, and so on.And each line in a large piece of text is a separate node in the render tree.Each n

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