what use of br tag in html

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Differences between br and br/in html _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

The rule in HTML is that there is no ending character for the br, but in XHTML, the rule is that the start tag of the br is followed by the end tag. For details, see answer from stackflow: Simply Is sufficient. The other forms are there for

How do the paragraph text in HTML Wrap? An article that tells you the use of a newline label BR

This article mainly explains the use of the BR tag for HTML paragraph text wrapping, and in one paragraph, the correct line wrapping can make the page more beautiful. Now let's take a look at this article about HTML paragraph text wrapping. First,

How to use BR in HTML

How to use BR in HTML? How is the BR tag used? What does a br tag do? Today, I will give you a good analysis of this simple and practical small label. Syntax: If there is a place to force a line break, we can use the BR tag. BR Instructions for

Introduction to the difference between BR and br/in HTML

The rule in HTML is the BR empty tag, no terminator, but in XHTML, the stipulation is that the br/start tag is immediately followed by the end tag, please understand this Answer from Stackflow: Simply is sufficient. The other forms are there

Application of BR element and nobr element in Web page html

Web page We are in the production of Web pages, we will encounter the content of text editing, and will certainly face the problem of line-wrapping. There are line-wrapping and spaces in HTML to resolve the line-wrapping problem. We have introduced

Web Making tips: BR play turn clear float

Floating | tips | Web page Let's take a look at how BR plays "clear float". Use the following code The following is a demo of the Code effects: Run Code Box br Topsy clears the floating The following line uses the Effect, why not give up trying

is the HTML p tag a single label? How to use HTML p tags (enclosing instance)

This article mainly introduces the specific use of P tags in HTML and some of the functions, there are examples of explanations, then let's take a look at this article about the HTML p tag First we look at the HTML p tag is a single label

Php implements the html Tag filtering method in Form submission, form tag

Php implements the html Tag filtering method in Form submission, form tag This example describes how to filter html tags in Form submission in php. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: Sometimes the

The object tag in HTML is detailed

Definition and usageThe object tag defines an embedded objects. Please use this element to add multimedia to your XHTML page. This element allows you to specify the data and parameters for inserting objects in an HTML document, as well as code that

How does the HTML span tag do wrap? Introduction to the use of HTML span tags

This article is mainly about how the HTML span tag can be wrapped, introducing the use and introduction of the seven attributes of span. Let's take a look at this article together. The first thing we're going to introduce is how to make the span

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