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How to clean MacBook junk files

How to clean MacBook junk files and make more hard disk spaceAfter the MacBook has been used for a long time, it will find that the already wealthy hard drives are getting smaller, especially now the MacBook uses a small SSD. In this case, how do you clean up your

What are the MacBook hidden features? Apple MacBook Hide function

what are the MacBook hidden features? You can learn about the Apple MacBook hidden function, Apple's MAC series can be said to be one of the best computer products on the market, but in fact this device is a lot of hidden features Oh ~ --Let the computer read it for you The dense text on the screen makes you dizzy? One of the replication capabilitie

What about the 12-inch MacBook Air parameter configuration?

What about the 12-inch MacBook Air? About 12-inch MacBook Air is coming again, the original said 12-inch MacBook Air will have deep air ash and gold version, so that the notebook computer also become colorful, this time exposure is about 12-inch MacBook Air configuration con

What is the read and write speed of Apple 2016 new MacBook Pro hard drive

The most striking feature of the next-generation MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar (Touchbar), which is not the first time we see a similar technique in a laptop manufacturer, but just as the iphone is not a smartphone, the ipad is not a tablet computer, The MacBook Pro with the touch bar still blew up the tech world at home and abroad. In addition to the technology that most people find innovative,

What about a MacBook fever?

The best way to fix a MacBook fever is to dismantle the machine and clean up the dust that has been stored in the body for a long time. The purpose of this demolition machine is: to clean the air inlet, Heat pipe, fan (clean + lubrication) and replace the CPU and graphics silicone grease.  

What about the disc in the Macbook Pro notebook that doesn't come out?

Macbook Pro with its exquisite craftsmanship and stylish appearance, a lot of people aspire to the notebook. But the good product, also has the problem time, this does not, when the CD-ROM card in the optical drive does not come out, flying blind? Is it really necessary to dismantle the machine? No! and uncomfortable living, this matter is negotiable. 1, the Macbook Pro uses the suction type op

How to use a magnet to turn off the built-in display of Macbook Pro/air

Many of the fans using Macbook Pro/air in their daily work will be external to a large screen display, the author is the same. But by default, the laptop's built-in display and the large external monitor will be on, and if you want to use a dual monitor (the laptop's built-in screen as a secondary screen), it's really good. But a lot of people just want to use a

What are the 10 quick features of a MacBook?

The following 10 hidden shortcuts can make your Mac more convenient, and you don't have to waste time looking for shortcuts!   Selective screenshots Computer has an important information, want to cut screen, but do not want to cut the whole, so can only be cut down after the full screen and then cut, this is too troublesome! In fact, this time just hold COMMAND + SHIFT + 4, you can select the screenshot area Oh. Then move your finger away and your screenshot will be saved!   Hide

How does a MacBook use itunes to set an iphone ringtone?

On the MacBook how to modify the iphone ringtones, and win with the PP assistant Itoos and other tools than do a lot of trouble, so far Itoos, pp Assistant Mac version There are many bugs, I have tried, have failed, the only use of itunes, although trouble, It works! 1, the first connection IPhone6 and Macbook,itunes open, into the playlist (and look below), you

What to do with Disk Cleanup How to clean a disk

What is the use of Disk Cleanup, how to clean the disk? To this problem, here is simple to introduce, in fact, is very simple, the goal is to improve the performance of the hard disk. We know that all the applications in the computer and the system files are placed on the hard disk, so the reading speed is directly related to the reading speed of the hard disk.

Use eclipse v3.3 to keep the code clean

Use eclipse v3.3 to keep the code clean Use the flexibility provided by the latest version of eclipse to make your code readable for other developers. Level: elementary Katrin limpoeck (limpoeck@de.ibm.com), software engineer, IBMPhilip tiedt (philipp_tiedt@de.ibm.com), software engineer, IBM July 30, 2007 The clean

Use the bell curve to achieve imitation 360 drag Andy Clean animation

", "Action_down"); DOWNX = (int) event.getrawx (); DownY = (int) Event.getrawy (); if (Isshootanzai | | isresetline) {return false; } p.x = Downx; P.Y = DownY; Invalidate (); return true; Case MOTIONEVENT.ACTION_MOVE:LOG.D ("Zyr", "Action_move"); MoveX = (int) event.getrawx (); Movey = (int) Event.getrawy (); p.x = MoveX;

Don't use 360 to clean up trash when you write an article using Windows Live Writer

ref:http://www.zhengsiwei.com/write-an-article-to-use-windows-live-writer-dont-use-360-to-remove-rubbish/When you write an article by using Windows Live Writer, the picture is cached to a temporary folder. If you use 360 to clear the garbage, the pictures in the cache will be deleted. The following prompt appears:In this case, the images in the article can be see

Clean up that bloated web. config! An application settings manager that's easy to use

the group level or at the individual setting level. Conclusion This article has presented a simple, easy to use application settings manager, and a user interface that allows you or your MERs to edit settings easily. as well, the interface makes it easy for you to configure the settings and organize them into groups, and attach descriptions that are useful at Edit Time. with this system, you can clean up a

The clean code learning note separates the construction and use of the system

To keep software systems clean at the system level, appropriate abstract levels and modules must be developed for the system. An effective method is to separate the construction and use of the system, because the construction and use are very different processes. The software system should split the START process and the runtime logic after the START process. If

Use Python to clean up the 1-hour connection with no data in RABBITMQ

Company RABBITMQ Consumer Reconnect after the old connection will not be disconnected, will always exist in the service side, as for what is not yet found. This causes the number of connections each time after a lot of increase, so write a Python script delete invalid connection, according to each connection inside the data transfer to define whether it is valid, if 1 hours are not data transmission then is invalid, the implementation code is as follo

What file is TMP, what's the use

even the directory is deleted, periodically empty the inside of the garbage can be. There is also the temporary file in the Word installation directory, when you use Word, do not delete them, these ~ beginning, tmp end of the file is the Word program to use, many in the read and write protection state, you want to delete them also can not delete; If you crash when using Word, The next time you boot into W

It doesn't matter what technology you use, it's what you offer that is valuable.

A motto for making a product. Don't always think about what technology I must use. The simplest jsp+jdbc can also make great products.Especially in the initial stage of the product, it is difficult for you to prepare a perfect architecture before the development, you choose the technology is not always up-to-date, is not necessarily the most suitable, because there is always a lot of new framework you do no

What did ancient people use to wash clothes?

of the West Zhou Dynasty. It is under the control of full-time officials. This is recorded in Zhou Li. Bathing is closely related to the code of conduct in people's lives. In the book of rites, the book contains: "Men and women are happy, bath clothes, and have a view of food ." To live at home, men and women must get up early and bathe and change clothes. As a couple of gifts, there is "do not dare to join the bath", the wife can not share a bathroom with her husband, the so-called "not a tota

What are BT seeds, thunder download links, magnetic links, electric mules and their use tutorials

I. What is BT? 1.BT Introduction: 1.1.BT is one of the hottest download methods, it's all called "BitTorrent" short "BT", Chinese full name "bit stream", but many friends will it dubbed "abnormal download", which is what reason? For HTTP, FTP, Pub and other download methods, This is typically done first by placing the file on the server and then being transferred by the server to each user's machine, whic

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