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Official version of Windows 7 is expected to be released in October

"CSDN News" according to foreign media reports, Microsoft confirmed in Tuesday that the company plans to sell windows 7 in retail stores on October 22, while starting to preinstall the operating system on the new PC. Microsoft plans to complete the

A successful heart-changing procedure-Windows Phone 8 released

Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8 operating system codenamed Apollo at the launch of the Windows Phone developer summit. Although Microsoft has hardly mentioned Apollo in public before, the general direction of new system changes has

Microsoft released Windows Embedded handheld mobile platform

After Microsoft released a new generation of mobile device platform Windows Phone 7 for general consumers in February 15 this year, everyone was wondering where Microsoft's lob solution would go. Today, Microsoft announced the birth of its new

Microsoft Windows 7 business value recognized by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7, has made remarkable achievements in China and the global market since its launch last year-a miracle of selling 0.175 billion sets of licenses within a year. Behind this number, Windows 7, as an

Get ready! Meet Windows 7 System enterprise deployments

Windows 7 system disputes a lot As early as late last year, the Windows 7 operating system Beta version was already on the web, and many users experienced the power of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 system in the first time. And many PC

Seven in the. NET Discovery series-an in-depth understanding of the. NET garbage collection mechanism (pickup) was released in the first second of the New Year.

The first article in the first second of the new year at the beginning of the new yearArticle, 7 in the net Discovery series-an in-depth understanding of the. NET garbage collection mechanism (jiebei) and a New Year gift for all park friends!

Windows Registry knowledge completely disclosed and released

Windows Registry knowledge completely disclosed and released Windows registry is a set of data files that help windows control hardware, software, user environment and Windows interface. The registry contains two files in the Windows directory:

Why is windows not like a mobile phone system updated every year?

Microsoft released its Windows 7 system in 2009, and the system version was well received by all. Of course, with such excellent feedback, the last version of Windows Vita is too hard to work with. Three years after the release of Windows 7,

Microsoft's next Generation Windows 7 version Quiz

Winsupersite.com's Paul Thurrott produced a FAQ about Windows "7", which focused on some of the problems with this Microsoft's next-generation Windows major version. Q: Is Microsoft still developing a new operating system after Vista? A: Yes, the

Four hardware-related experience in deploying Windows 7

Microsoft's Windows 7 has been launched for nearly 3 years and Windows 8 is expected to be released in the second half of this year. Now review and summarize the experience we learned in deploying Windows 7 in a corporate environment. Deploying

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