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Lexical analysis of Php-zend engine analysis (i.) ____php

PrefaceIdle to study the bottom of the PHP Zend Engine source code, the Zend engine is a PHP script virtual machine. In the PHP upper layer has the SAPI interface, is responsible for each access level abstraction, for example PHP inside the Apache mo

6.PHP Kernel Explorer: Zend Engine

Tags: style using ar java SP on problem code timeBelieve that many people have heard of Zend engine this noun, there are many people know that Zend engine is the core of PHP language, but to ask: Zend engine in the end where it exists? Or, at what

PHP Kernel Explorer: Zend virtual machine

Through the previous study, we learned that a PHP file on the server side of the execution process consists of the following two large processes: The PHP program needs to execute the file, PHP program to complete basic preparation work after

PHP 5 launched yesterday--php 5/zend Engine 2.0 new features _php tutorial

Objective Today, I suddenly thought of the PHP official website on a turn, at a glance to see the announcement of the PHP5 launch. Although I have seen the PHP5 before, but still carefully read the PHP 5/zend Engine 2.0 new features of the article,

PHP 5 yesterday unveiled the--php 5/zend Engine 2.0 new features _php Foundation

Objective Today, I suddenly thought of the PHP official website on a turn, at one glance saw PHP5 launched the notice. Although I have seen the PHP5 of the previous notice, but still carefully read the PHP 5/zend Engine 2.0 new features of a text, a

Zend Optimizer not installed possible causes and solutions

Label:Zend Optimizer not installed possible causes and solutionsOptimizer, Zendin the configuration of the PHP server, all things are installed, is to browse a request Zend program, always prompt "Zend Optimizer not Installed", uninstall reinstall

Detailed introduction to the Zend Engine

One. Preface Hashtable is the soul of PHP, because in the Zend engine a lot of use of Hashtable, such as variable table, constant table, function table, and so on, these are adapted to Hashtable save, in addition, the PHP array is implemented by

Section I life cycle and Zend engine

Label:Start of everything: SAPI interfaceSAPI (Server application programming Interface) refers to a specific application of PHP programming interface, just like a PC, no matter what operating system installed, as long as the interface specification

See the future of PHP from the blueprint of Zend Engine 2.0 (1) _php tutorial

some gossip First of all, the original intention of this writing. I've got a blueprint for Zend Engine 2.0. It's been a while since I read the impulse to write a review--because according to the documentation, the next generation of PHP will be a

Php-zend engine analysis of Hello World (ii)

Php-zend Engine Anatomy of Hello World (ii) Objective This time, I'm going around Hello world to expand the execution of the Zend virtual machine. The PHP version of Hello World: ??? Echo ' Hello world '; ?> The lexical analysis phase

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