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What is Webhook

What is WebhookTranslation, original address: https://sendgrid.com/blog/webhook-vs-api-whats-difference/I. OverviewWebhook is an API concept and is becoming more and more popular. The more things we can describe with events, the greater the scope of Webhook. Webhook is becoming more and more useful as a lightweight eve

What's Webhook (Introduction to Webhook)

inch isThe role of Webhook can be to make a Web page, application expansion or change in a way, through a custom callback function These callbacks may is maintained, modified, and managed by third-partyusers and developers Ssarily is affiliated with the originating website or application.These callback functions can remain unchanged or modified, managed by third party users and developers who are not necessarily affiliated with the initial site

Jenkins configuration Gitlab webhook for automatic publishing

After the test environment requires git to commit the code, Jenkins deploys it automatically, requiring Gitlab to configure Project Webhook.1,jenkins version 2.89 Gitlab 8.112,jenkins need to install plugin: GitLab Plugin GitLab Hook Plugin Build Authorization Token Root Plugin3, after the plug-in installation Successful Jenkins restart, in the project configuration can be seen:4, select the project branch:5. Open git to find the corresponding item6,

Whats new in openstack Juno

Original article: Http://drbacchus.com/whats-new-in-openstack-juno/ Http://blog.russellbryant.net/2014/07/07/juno-preview-for-openstack-compute-nova/ Http://blog.flaper87.com/post/juno-preview-glance-marconi/ Https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MetadataRepository-ArtifactRepositoryAPI Http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/nova-specs/tree/specs/juno/approved Http://redhatstackblog.redhat.com/2014/08/05/juno-updates-security/ Http:

Example of using Node. js to implement simple Webhook

Distance Node.js This thing out has been a long time, feel now the front end if not point node.js is a bit too behind the times. I contacted it from last year's summer vacation began, at that time in writing a more magical things, by the way contact. Although the network NPM community is not very good, but I used for so long, I think node.js is a good tool. This article is about two parts, the first half is used to introduce Node.js, the latter part is a small project written by Node.js: a simpl

Jenkins+coding+webhook Implementing the Code Merge automatic deployment Merge

1. Background:Using Jenkins as a version iteration, each time an update needs to be released, you need to click Build to click on the corresponding item in Jenkins to publish it, and it takes too long to get out of the way. So look for ways to be lazy. Using Webhook can solve this problem very well. What is 2.webhook?Webhook allows third-party apps to listen fo

Automate the deployment of GitHub or coding code with Webhook

This problem is also due to their own inconvenience, usually the code is managed to GitHub or coding, on the one hand, for the convenience of code management, and then better storage code. But recently it's a problem. After the local code commits git, it is cumbersome to go to the server to perform the following git pull. So you want to use GitHub or coding's Webhook to automate code deployment. Simply say the whole process-When you push the code to a

Use Gitlab Webhook to trigger Jenkins automatic operation

, the last URL of this option is the URL path of the project, note that if it is native, localhost will be displayed, and localhost can be changed to a personal IP.Note that this URL will be used for the next step. You can set the build action in the project to execute a Python script: print ("Gitlab webhook Jenkins"). Click Apply and save.3. Setting the Gitlab WebhookGitlab version in the constant transformation, the version of the Gitlab, you can fi

Webhook of Grafana+prometheus system monitoring

OverviewWebhook is an API concept and is becoming more and more popular. The more things we can describe with events, the greater the scope of Webhook. Webhook is becoming more and more useful as a lightweight event-handling application.To be exact, Webhoo is a Web callback or HTTP push API, a way to provide real-time information to apps or other applications. Webhook

Jenkins Configuration Gogs Webhook Plugin

ObjectiveWhen we used the Jenkins collection gogs for continuous integration, Jenkins timed to detect if the Git repository was updated to determine whether to build. That is, we submit the code Jenkins does not immediately know, then we can solve by Webhook. Jenkins plug-in center already has the support to Gogs, really is very praise. Https://plugins.jenkins.io/gogs-webhook Installing the Go

How to make targetprocess Webhook push comment to a specified project

TargetProcess is very useful as an agile management tool. We use TP + Bearychat to do the task communication. TP is currently not supported for comment push to the specified item because it does not have related items in the field. However, in the actual operation, the US and the bug in different projects must be corresponding to different items, pushed to different groups, so this is very inconvenient.The Webhook of TP can be referencedhttps://www.ta

Git----use Webhook for automatic code deployment

Cause: Often local push to gitee and other online code warehouse, and then log on to the server in the pull, very troublesome, want to lazy how to do? Use Git's webhook to implement!1. Implementation Principle 1.1 Local commit push 1.2 online warehouse monitoring push action, that is, Webhook, Callback URL triggers the pull operation of the server 1.3 server pull Operation 2. Implement step 2.1 local and se

Jenkins+git+webhook automatically triggers deployment and test tasks

Jenkins+git+webhook automatically triggers deployment and test task requirements:The code that needs to be put on line will be push to release branch before going online, then the task on Jenkins can be triggered by manually filling parameters. Hopefully this process will be automated, as long as someone pushes code on the release, automatically runs the release branch and testsSolutions and steps:1. Add the settings in the "Source Management" section

Webhook Practice--php Automatic deployment

Webhook Practice--php Automatic deployment1. Deploy GogsReference blog: use Gogs to build your own Git server2. Add the SSH public key of GitBecause it is a gogs deployed with a git user, the next step is to configure the SSH public key on the server with a git account.First generate the secret key on the host:[[emailprotected]~]$ssh-keygen-tdsa-p "" -f~/.ssh/id_ Dsageneratingpublic/privatedsakeypair. createddirectory '/home/xiaozhenkai/.ssh '. Youri

PHP writing Webhook Unable to execute git

It is necessary to build a visual version control and code submission platform to deploy on-line in operation and maintenance management. In this case, it is not convenient for OPS to use the command line or GIT tools in Linux terminal. The way we need to do this is to use Webhook automatic deployment or a Web-interface control Panel. PHP Webhook to perform git operations Note that this is just a sim

Gitlab Webhook Settings

I use the Gitlab Webhook feature to implement the server-side auto-deploy code functionality. But test hookd in Gitlab. Hook execution failed. The ensure hook URL is correct and service are up. Error. The hook URL can be accessed in the browser, and the Deploy keys have been added. Do not know where there is a problem! Reply content: I use the Gitlab Webhook feature to implement the server-side auto-

Webhook's PHP practice @coding.net

Every time you write the code, open the FileZilla, write the file uploaded to the VPS, over the longer feel bored, wondering if there is more geek method, there is this article.Webhook is the technology that comes with git, when you push to the server, the server sends a special request to the URL you specify, and we can use the scripting language to get the request and execute the GIT pull on the VPS to achieve the purpose of automatic deployment, the usual first code :/** * Simple Git

About Git Webhook

();}). Listen (8081);  Next, commit the code, and then run node server.js under the root account. Take a look at Debug.log, well, it's already there. Next we open up port 8081? Of course no, I chose the use of Nginx Proxy (is so wayward, not to bite me), nginx configuration file is added as followslocation/xxx { Proxy_pass; break;}  Done, visit the URL test, www.mysite.com/xxx is OK, next open your project management interface setting put the URL into the

Zabbix Combined Nail Group Robot (Webhook) alarm

First build Nail group, add a custom robot to get WebhookZabbix Adding an alarm mediumGet a shell script to start a Python script (just use Zabbix to tune a Python script without knowing why)Vim dingding. SH Echo " $ " >/tmp/"#!/usr/bin/EnvPython#coding:utf-8Import json,urllib2,sysdef dingding (message): URL="https://oapi.dingtalk.com/robot/send?access_token=xxxx"Header= { "Content-type":"Application/json", "CharSet":"Utf-8"} data= { "Msgtype":"text", "text": {

MySQL: @variable vs. variable. Whats the difference?

Label:MySQL: @variable vs. variable. Whats the difference? Up vote351down votefavorite 121 In another question I posted someone told me, there is a difference between:@variableAnd:variableIn MySQL. He also mentioned how MSSQL have batch scope and MySQL has session scope. Can someone elaborate on this for me? Add a Comment Up vote445down voteaccepted MySQLHas the concept of u

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