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BNU 27847--cellphone Typing —————— "Dictionary tree"

Cellphone typingtime limit:5000msmemory limit:131072kbthis problem would be judged onUVA. Original id:1252664-bit integer IO format: %lld Java class name: Main Prev Submit Status Statistics discuss Next[PDF Link]A team is developing a new technology to save time when typing text messages in mobile devices. They is working on a new model the have a complete keyboard, so users can type any single letter by pressing the CORRESPO Nding key. In this, a us

Codeforces 689a-mike and Cellphone

Title Link: http://acm.hust.edu.cn/vjudge/problem/visitOriginUrl.action?id=412142Topic: Given a 0-9 numeric keypad, then enter an action sequence, that is, a key gesture, ask the sequence of actions on the keyboard to form a gesture is unique, yes, No. Gestures can be shifted up or down.Problem Solving Ideas:Because the number is very small, you can represent the position of the number of coordinates, according to the order of the gesture to match the other numbers (that is, the numbers are unif

Factory model Summary

Simple factory Mode,Factory method modeAndAbstract Factory ModelAll belong to the creation design mode, and you do not need to know the specific classes for the three creation modes. We master the idea that when creating an object, we need to encapsulate the areas that are easy to change to control the changes (where to change, where to encapsulate ), to adapt to customer changes and expand projects. Simple factory Mode: There is no abstract class in a simple factory. There is only one specific

MyBatis Study (iii)

ObjectiveFeel the progress of learning is still relatively slow ah, a full day of learning efficiency is not very high, a will watch TV, a tea, the requirements of their not strict ... Today, talk about the insertion of associated table data and the use of aliases.Body1. Associative insertionBefore, I had created a users table in my database, and now I have a new cell phone table cellphone, which is used to record information about a user's phone, as

Jquery AutoComplete multi-field

The text box automatically matches the phone number and name, and the data is the JSON data that is found, which encapsulates all objects (telephone, cellphone, name). Select a phone number, The code for automatically filling a name is as follows: $. Ajax ({ URL: '/account/ajaxfinduserphonelist ', Type: 'Post ', Cache: false, Contenttype: "application/JSON ", Datatype: "JSON ", Success: function (data ){ $ ("# Input_pair_phone"). AutoComp

MongoDB database operations, additions and deletions to check

_idDb.student.find ({"Study number": 10020},{"_id": 0});Relational operations> $GT>= $gte! = $ne= Key:value $eqDefine a collection of employee informationDb.employee.drop ();d B.employee.insert ([{"Name": "Smith", "age": +, "sex": "Male", "job": "Professor", "Addr": "Peking University", "cellphone" : "17166660001"},{"name": "Clark", "Age": "Sex": "Male", "job": "Lecturer", "addr": "Yanjing University", "cellphone

Basic Introduction to JSON

Guidance:JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple data format, which is lighter than XML. JSON is a javascript native format, which means that no special API or toolkit is required to process JSON data in JavaScript.JSON rules are simple: the object is an unordered set of 'name/value' pairs. An object starts with "{" (left parenthesis) and ends with "}" (right Parenthesis. Each "name" is followed by a ":" (colon); "," (comma) is used to separate the "name/value" pairs. Detailed reference ht

Spring Learning Notes 1 IOC detailed use annotations as well as Java code _java

Email; @Size (min = one, max = one, message = "Cell phone number length is 11 digits") private String cellphone; Private long regdate; Public User () {this.id = Uuid.randomuuid (). toString (). ReplaceAll ("-", ""); this.regdate = 0; Public User (string Username, string password, string e-mail, string cellphone) {This (username, password, email, cellphon E, New Date (). GetTime ()); Public User (string Use

MMI code messages on Android [zz]

MMI Code Messages on Android What is an MMI Code? An MMI Code is a sequence of digits that is entered into your phone to make it perform some special action.These codes start and end with a * or # so they don't get confused with phone numbers you might want to dial. They're usually only valid when you're not on a call, so if you key one in while connected to your cellphone company's IVR system they won't be recognized. Some MMI Codes are dealt with by

Java interface Programming and polymorphism Example learning __ algorithm

First of all assume a scene, such as we are selling mobile phones, if customers come to pick a mobile phone, need to take a different type of mobile phone to demonstrate the function For simplicity, we can make an interface that connects to the phone at one end and controls the various functions of the demo phone on the other end. Mobile phone has text messaging, phone two basic functions, we can set the interface to these two features Public interface Cellp

SQL statements for mysql to obtain the latest several records

; // return all results + ------------ + -------- + ------------- + | username | password | gender | cellphone | + ------------ + -------- + ------------- + | ewrew | erewr | MAN | 13618889076 | ewrwerw32r | 324324 | MAN | 13618889076 | grrrrr | r44343 | WOMAN | 13618889076 | pansong | erewrwe | MAN | 13618889076 | ret43t43t | 43t43 | MAN | 13618889076 | ret44t4 | r4tgr | WOMAN | 13618889076 | tttt | 4et | WOMAN | 13618889076 | wr34r | retre | MAN | 1

Mysql limit usage

96-last records. // If only one parameter is specified, it indicates the maximum number of record rows returned: Mysql> SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 5; // retrieve the first five record rows // In other words, LIMIT n is equivalent to LIMIT 0, n. Instance: Mysql> use sppeivan;Database changedMysql> select * from employee;// Return all results+ ------------ + -------- + ------------- +| Username | password | gender | cellphone |+ ------------ + -----

C # Learning (10)-The Final

1. StatementMy Note Problem StatementVersion 1.0Revision history Date Issue Description Author 17/5/2015 1.0 Finish the development on the Windows Phone App Store. Jia Yongheng 20/5/2015 1.0 Finish the development on the Windows App Store. Jia Yongheng 24/5/2015 1.0 Finish the development on WPF Jia Yongheng My Note Problem StatementVersio

The interface should return to the unified format, not as the caller's judgment based on the text, to be based on the status code

/**** Check if mobile phone number is available* @param $cellphone Mobile phone number*/Public Function Checkphone ($cellphone) {$cellphone = Trim ($cellphone);if (Inputcheck::checkcellphone ($cellphone) = = False)throw new Apiexception (4001023);$member = Member::findfirstb

Bridge Mode in Java

Bridge Mode in Java /*** Mobile phone case, set * @ author stone **/public abstract class BaseCellphoneShell {public abstract void mapping (); // mobile phone number matching} /*** Mobile phone, bridging the mobile shell BaseCellphoneShell * @ author stone */public abstract class BaseCellphone {private BaseCellphoneShell shell; public void setShell (BaseCellphoneShell shell) {this. shell = shell;} public BaseCellphoneShell getShell () {return shell;} public abstract void mapping (); // shell} /

Simple use of PHP mutable variables

Knowledge Points:mutable variable: Simply put the value of one variable as the name of another variable, e.g. $ A = ' B '; $ $a is $b.HTML code:1 DOCTYPE HTML>2 HTML>3 Head>4 MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">5 Head>6 Body>7 formAction= "show.php"Method= "POST">8 inputname= "User">BR>9 inputname= "Age" >BR>Ten inputname= "Email">BR> One inputname= "Cellphone">BR> A inputtype= "Submit">BR> - form> - Body> the HTML>Common PHP Processing:1 2 $user=$_post[' User '];3

How to query for duplicate data records in MongoDB using aggregate _mongodb

as the insertion of data to determine whether the data to be saved already exists, but there is still the risk of data can be repeatedly saved. Because in asynchronous execution, you have no way of ensuring which thread executes first, which thread executes, and all requests initiated by the client are not executed sequentially as we think. A better solution is to create a unique index in all tables in the MONGO database. In fact, MongoDB creates a unique index (can be canceled) for all tables

S3K3 for user registration A simple example of how to use DDD

;}public string City {get; private set;}public string Address {get; private set;}public string postcode {get; private set;}}public class User{Public User (string name, string password, string email){This. name = name;This. Password = Password;This. email = email;}public string Id {get; private set;}public string Name {get; private set;}public string Password {get; private set;}public string Realname {get; private set;}public string Email {get; private set;}public string

Use aggregate to find duplicate data records in MongoDB

, MongoDB defaults to creating a unique index of the _id field for all tables (which can be canceled). If you want to create an index from Mongoose.schema in node. js, you can refer to the following code:varMongoose = require (' Mongoose '));varSchema =Mongoose. Schema;varCustomerschema =NewMongoose. Schema ({cname:string, CellPhone, String, sender:string, tag:string, Behaviour:number, Createtime: { Type:date,default: Date.now}, current:{Type:

For more details about the javascript json-parsed code _ json

JSON (JavaScriptObjectNotation) is a simple data format, which is lighter than xml. JSON is a JavaScript native format, which means that no special API or toolkit is required to process JSON data in JavaScript. JSON rules are simple: the object is an unordered set of 'name/value' pairs. An object starts with "{" (left parenthesis) and ends with "}" (right Parenthesis. Each "name" is followed by a ":" (colon); "," (comma) is used to separate the "name/value" pairs. Detailed reference http://www.j

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