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Mobile Online Game Development Guide-Technical Department work classification Mobile Online Game Development Guide-paid Interface

In this article, the Agent K will list the work types of technical departments in mobile phone game development and give a brief introduction. You are welcome to ask and correct new and old QR code friends. (This article is from the blog site. For more information, see the source) Mobile online games are a complex software project. Massive multiplayer online

Load Balancing--the key to realize large-scale online system (Part One) (again talk about the technology realization of QQ game million people online)

The author of this article: SodmeSource of this article: Http://blog.csdn.net/sodmeDisclaimer: This article can be reproduced without the consent of the author, but any reference to this article should be indicated by the author, the source and the information of this declaration. Thank you..To learn about another article that is quoted in this article, please go to the following address:Http://blog.csdn.net/sodme/archive/2004/12/12/213995.aspxThe above article was written as early as last year,

What bandwidth router is used for online games? Online Game router recommendation (1)

The online game Broadband Router referred to here mainly refers to products that have made low-latency optimizations for online games. It improves the real-time performance of online games to a certain extent, in other words, it makes online games run more smoothly. When usi

One of the online ghost game development-game flow introduction and technology selection

choose not to guess, when the second ghost to die when there are two opportunities, the same, if the second does not guess, the third ghost to die when there are three times, of course, ghosts in the process is not communication, that is: who Guess who guessed, Other people don't talk nonsense.Of course there are 1 judges, but the game development here replaces the judge's role. Oh, yes, when I play this game

Android online game development--client development--the choice of game engine

communication development cycle is short. So very melancholy!!!But in my subconscious I think so, if it is not so urgent to develop, I will choose Andengine, because its code is all written by Android Java, so I will learn faster, so I can also be very good to understand how a real game engine is developed. If I am anxious to complete the development, I will choose COCOS2DX, because I used to use COCOS2DX to do some small games, the words are easy to

Flex online game development-wuziqi game: (2) user-friendly Selection

Through the previous exercise: Flex online game development-wuziqi game: (1) Core of the game we have made core functions of wuziqi. Now, we are doing something that is not logically important but crucial to software development and user experience. Flex is a kind of sublimation of flash and a language for programmers.

Online ghost game development and ghost Game Development

Online ghost game development and ghost Game Development As a beginner in C #,. net, object-oriented, design pattern, and refactoring, he hopes to use some defined projects to strengthen the consolidation of development technology. I used to play games on the Russian side (C # + WinForm), but the code tastes bad and not very good. This time, I chose the "ghost

Report of Large Multiplayer Online online game market in 2015

Online multiplayer games have been popular for a long time. However, in just a few years, the revenue, player preferences, and potential audience of massively multiplayer online games have changed dramatically. Overall, MMO games created $11 billion in revenue by the end of this year, equivalent to 21% of the world's e-game revenue. By 2017, this number is expect

"Game" "Ark Survival Evolution" How to build online server online tutorials

Want to play "Ark Survival Evolution", with the Little friendsHow cool it is to play dinosaurs online with your friends! "Ark Survival Evolution" is a very novel theme of the sandbox survival game, then Ark survival Evolution how online? below for you to introduce "Ark survival Evolution" steam Genuine build Server online

Zhong Qing Bao Network: from it to the online game gorgeous turn

. ” Zhong Qing Bao Network has been a server business-oriented pure technology companies. That year, Shanda, Tencent and other companies of the network server by the China Green Treasure Network provided. And Shanda and other well-known online games company's cooperation, the company management found that the network gaming industry there is a huge market space. Thus, the pure High-tech enterprises began to the cultural and creative enterprise transf

Online game terminology

monsters, they attack the player, similar to creep jackingGate – In-game transmission, similar to portalGm–game master shorthand, refers to game manager, service player, maintenance of the game in the normal operation of the peoplegriefer– a person who tries to harass or irritate another playergrinding– a long time in

Accelerate the life of the online game accelerated test version of a key to solve the problem of delay

Accelerate the life of the online game accelerated test version of a key to solve the problem of delay Small partners are still in the game when the delay is high and uncomfortable? Don't hurry, secretly tell you a way, simple and easy to help you solve the problem of network delay, lol Not afraid of the pit, DotA walk more smoothly; whether in the network

Cultural platform-Online online game platform for film, music, and cultural knowledge

Cultural platform-online game platform for online competition of film, music, and cultural knowledge I still remember that in 1990s, there was no Internet. TV and broadcasting were the first choice for mass entertainment, and almost only radio stations were available to interact with the audience. In radio programs, Q A and karaoke are the most popular ones, es

Online Game plug-in production (3)-2

Online games and standalone games When it comes to online games, we have to think of Single-host games. In fact, the essence of online games cannot be separated from the production idea of Single-host games. The difference between online games and single-host games can be directly thought: is it possible to connect mul

[Game] an open-source online game-mana

Some time ago, I was excited about the game projects in sourceforge.net. After N +, I also tried n +. Later I summarized that there were too many bugs in open-source games and their playability was too poor. It seems that open-source games are a good learning material for those who are interested in games and are more interested in game programming. They are only used as examples for learning. [You can only

Online Fast Accelerator for Game acceleration operation

  Netgameca (Online Games Express) is specifically for the network game encountered in the delay is too large, frequent drop, log slow and so on to improve the speed of a network of network optimization software. Online games in the country's major network nodes are set up a server, so that players all over the country can choose the best node to enjoy the perfec

Online game server communication Architecture Design

With the increasing scale and demand of online game practitioners, more and more friends have entered the online game development field, which leads to a rapid increase in the demand for online game development technologies in the

Online Game update Security first

Online Game update Security firstFor the online online game server, change the code to put security in the first place, to avoid introducing errors.When adding a feature or correcting an error, the scope of the change should be kept to a minimum.Try not to create an impact o

Online Game Testing Process

Causes of game Testing Over the past few years, online games have become the latest online game trend, attracting the attention of countless companies from the legend of the grand opening. However, with the increase of players' taste and agent fees, it is difficult to establish a single foreign

Photoshop online game poster photo production tutorial Share

To the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed online game poster pictures of the production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, choose the background of the original picture of the forest because and the character material close, must let the character into the scene. Second, we pay attention to the color palette, because now the overall tone gray often cold, we let it warm up!

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