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Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source software posture

Popular open-source software cloud experience week-a correct cloud open-source software experience !, Open source

Install Omd-the Open Monitoring distribution (open source version based on check MK)

, Centos, Debian, FreeBSD, etc.).3, through the Pnp4nagios and Rddtool to monitor the project's drawing4. Display of equipment and network topology through Nagvis and ThrukSecond, check the Check MK DemoIf you want to feel the check MK, there is an official demo showing:Website: http://demo.mathias-kettner.de/demo/check_mk/User name: demo823Password: DemoThird, installation OMDTake Debian 7 x64 as an example:1, go to the official website to download the Deb package, http://files.omdistro.org/rel

Software classification (free software, open source software, public software ......)

Software can be roughly divided into: Free Software and non-free software Types of Free Software and non-free software.The following are some terms that are frequently mentioned when discussing free software. They explain which types overlap with others or are part of o

Analyze the potential risks of using open source software in an enterprise _ open source software

Many companies choose to use Open-source Software (OSS) to build more flexible products, but there is also a potential risk that software vendors and IoT manufacturers need to understand the risks hidden in the software supply chain. Known risks For example, a criminal can t

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

, controlled loads, and three modes of service assurance. (4) Jenkins is an open source software project designed to provide an open and Easy-to-use software platform that makes it possible for continuous software integration. A c

Summary of some open source software features and corresponding model analysis in "software reliability" thesis

definition of open source software Open source Software (open-source) is a term that is defined as a description of the

Comparison between ATL and MFC message distribution mechanism-thoughts from Kingsoft open source code (1)

The blog has been migrated to: http://kulv.sinaapp.com /. Comparison between ATL and MFC message distribution mechanisms-thoughts on the open source code of Kingsoft (1) A few days ago, when I first read the Kingsoft open source code, I wrote a blog to analyze the implemen

Open-source: Angularjs example-language distribution chart for projects in Sonar

I have been introducing google's Angularjs client PM mode framework for a long time. Today I am releasing a simple example about AngularJs usage.SonarLanguage(The example is located at Github: https://github.com/greengerong/SonarLanguage ). This project is just a sample project with all clients. At the beginning of the project, I want to see the distribution ratio of languages used in the company's projects and the share of C #. I have been sitting in

Open source framework that thing 13: the future trend of open source and small and medium-sized software companies

Application based on open source framework is the development trend of future small and medium-sized software companiesThere have been such things around my friends around me: story 1 : a June in Beijing engaged in java developed for many years, germination of the idea of entrepreneurship, Want to build a development team and want to do a big game. But sl

"Open source framework that thing 13": Application based on open source framework is the future development of small and medium-sized software companies

source framework, often with high cohesion, low coupling, high-quality code, dedicated team, can keep the project continuous progress. Or take tiny frame for example, tiny main project Total 621 issues , there are requirements, and improvements, with bug . As a result of good knowledge accumulation system, make use tiny frame people more use stronger, more use more cool! The equivalent of having a strong backup team in service for your project. T

Like open source software, we also need "open source TCM" movement!

Like open source software, we also need open source TCM movement!Today in an Exchange group inside, met a friend said: "My teacher hopes that his efforts can flourish." I think this is the mind of every person of insight, now the social wine is also afraid of deep alley , es

Research Report on Intellectual Property Rights of open source software and commercial software (medium)

GPL, all programs must be subject to the GPL license, that is, they must continue to comply with the GPL license regulations, some people call it the "virus effect" of GPL ". BSD licenseCompared with other open-source software licenses, especially GPL licenses, BSD (berkly Software

"Births" 2016 most popular China Open source software TOP20 released--JEECG, JEEWX double finalists! _JEECG Open Source Community

At the beginning of 2017, victory--sponsored by Open source China, the "2016 most popular Chinese open source Software Award", co-sponsored by Bowen, has come to an end and the vote has been freshly baked. With the support of JEECG community

Open source A common source of small software--system database service management software

mssqlserver" (the first version of the software is used in this way). The second option is to use the software directly to obtain and control system services, the second version of the software has been to the current release of the source code is used this way. Because the first version of the time is longer, the

30 open-source projects are included in the free/open-source software Index

After several days of efforts, the free/open-source software index has collected information about 30 typical open-source projects. The plan is as follows: Bottom-4 50 typical open-source

About open source + commercial dual licensing software project of a smattering of _ open source

Collected a number of open source + commercial dual licensing software projects: Original form please open my online document: Dual authorization If a project is licensed under the GPL, all modifications and calls made to the project must be licensed under the GPL when republished. From this perspective, GPL licens

<转> How to manage open source software community: Open Source project Management method </转>

This post was last edited by Jimila on 2012-10-5 12:55 Transferred from: http://www.12306ng.org/thread-911-1-1.html Original: http://www.ltesting.net/ceshi/open/kyrjcsxw/2012/0713/205272.html How did the open source community form? How does open source project manage? In th

[Open-source] Open-source machine vision/Image Processing Class Library &amp; Related "Machine Vision lab" Software

Older imageprocess lab: https://github.com/50573750/IamgeProcess New version of imagelab lab: https://github.com/50573750/ImageLab The new visual library and the functions in the lab are comprehensive. According to opencv, the functions are similar, but the performance cannot be compared with humans. After all, the other party uses Intel's MKL, however, I am very upset because I just wrote a mathematical library by hand. However, we are a visual lab, which is much more convenient than opencv

Gcdplot has been submitted to SourceForge to become an open source project [gcdplot become a Open Source Software in SourceForge]

The gcdplot project application has been submitted to SourceForge yesterday, and is approved today. The latest version has been uploaded to SourceForge! Yesterday I applied a new open source project gcdplot in SourceForge, and today it was accepted!So I uploaded latest vesion to sorceforge server, have fun of this Excel VBA softeware.Gcdplot is a VBA software fo

My personal naive about open source software and the closed sources software

a controversial idea for open source software is that for the vast majority of software products, 1 of closed-source software products are much more technically content than open

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