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Trivia-Why Linux doesn't require disk defragmentation

Reprint to: http://beikeit.com/post-495.html simple translation: This Linux official information mainly describes the external fragments (external fragmentation), internal fragments (internal Fragmentation) concept and the related situation, it

Why Null==0 is false in JavaScript and null>=0 to True

At work we are constantly writing code, writing JavaScript, very little time for conceptual research. I have nothing to do today, I studied the relationship between "null" and "0". I hope you have seen the end of the harvest. Alert (null>=0) What

Handling Java to get IP as 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 problem

0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 is the expression of IPv6, corresponding to IPv4 equivalent to, which is the nativeIf the project is deployed on a native Win7 system, access is accessed via localhost,This problem may occur when you get an IP address in

Two "0"-0 and +0 in JavaScript

This document is translated from JavaScript ' s zerosJavaScript has both zeros:? 0 and +0. This post explains, why, and where it matters in practice.There are two "0" in JavaScript:-0 and +0. This article explains why, and points out the impact of

Java first time experience with doubt "1" basic data types and arrays and why I want to learn Java and arithmetic

Why learn Java1. Arrangements2. LifeBasic data types and arrays1. The name of the identifier should have a rule, so it's called a naming convention. 1. A standard English name 2. Package Lowercase 3. class first uppercase 4. Constant all uppercase 5.

In JavaScript, why is null = 0 false and null greater than = 0 true (my research) _ javascript tips-js tutorial

I have nothing to do today. I have studied the relationship between "null" and "0. I hope you will get something better after reading it. I hope you will also enjoy the benefits of writing code without stopping, writing JavaScript, and very little

Why Null==0 is false in JavaScript and NULL is greater than =0 to true (personal research) _javascript tips

In our lives we keep writing code, writing JavaScript, and have little time for conceptual research. I have nothing to do today, I studied the relationship between "null" and "0". I hope you have seen the end of the harvest. Copy Code code as

Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0?

Document directory Related Articles Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0? After deploying a Web site to a Windows Server 2003, You might find that your ASP pages aren't working. Let's examine a few possible scenarios.   Server cocould not be

Hint = 0. why? if (hint = 0)

The if (hint0) code for hint0 is defined as follows: load("links.xml");$x=$xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName('link');//get the q parameter from URL$q=$_GET["q"];//lookup all links from the xml file if length of q>0if (strlen($q) > 0){$hint="";for($i=0

Already defined hint=0 why also if (hint=0)

The code is as follows: Load ("Links.xml"), $x = $xmlDoc->getelementsbytagname (' link '),//get the Q parameter from url$q=$_get["Q"];//lookup All links from the XML file if length of q>0if (strlen ($q) > 0) {$hint = "", for ($i =0; $i length); $

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