why getting 403 forbidden message

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HTTP error code

HTTP Status Code table (version 1) Continue continues. The client should continue its request 101 switching protocols switch protocol. The server switches the protocol based on the client's request. You can only switch to a more advanced protocol,

Web Development help: Learn about the side of HTTP headers

Whether it's doing the front end or the back end, you'll have to deal with HTTP headers, and it's definitely helpful for web development. This article allows me to study the side of the HTTP headers. What is HTTP Headers HTTP is written by

[Learn Ajax in four days] The third day of the Ajax tutorial, the advanced request and response in Ajax

For many web developers, they only need to generate simple requests and receive simple responses. However, for developers who want to master Ajax, you must fully understand the HTTP status code, readiness status, and XMLHttpRequest object. In this

[Original] The old saying goes from entering a url to displaying what happened on the page.

[Original] The old saying goes from entering a url to displaying what happened on the page. At the beginning, this article was quite tangled, because you can search for a lot of information from the url input to the page display. In addition, the

What is the process of entering the URL to the page display?

From the user input a Web site to the final display to the user, the middle of the approximate process summarized as follows: 1) Enter the URL of the URL in the client browser. 2) Send to DNS (domain name server) to obtain the IP address of the Web

444 sentence Oral English common statement after the spoken language is definitely not a problem in English

1. I. I understand. 2. I quit! I quit! 3. Let go! Let go! 4. Me too. Me too. 5. My god! Oh, my God! 6. No way! No way! 7. Come on. Come on (hurry up) 8. Hold on. Wait a minute. 9. I agree. I agree. Not bad. Not bad. Not yet. Not yet. A. Good

2018-3-7 11 weeks 2 Lessons limited to a directory prohibit parsing PHP, restricting user_agent, PHP-related configuration

11.28 restricting a directory from parsing PHPProhibit PHP parsing: To prevent the upload of harmful php files, and be executed, PHP may have dangerous functions, if the open upload permissions, will certainly be uploaded malicious Trojan files,

Full process analysis from the input URL to the display page

As a software developer, you will certainly have a complete hierarchical understanding of how Web applications work, as well as the technologies used in these applications: browsers, http,html, Web servers, requirements processing, and so on.This

python--in-depth understanding of urllib, URLLIB2 and requests (requests not recommended?) )

Deep understanding of Urllib, URLLIB2 and requests 650) this.width=650; "class=" Project-logo "src=" http://codefrom.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/www/2015/06-03/ 00380d0fbed52c2b5d697152ed3922d6 "/> python Python is an object-oriented,

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