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What is a detailed analysis of Windows Home Server? _windows2008

Tell everyone that Windows Home Server and the Windows Server family are completely two concepts, with (WHS) Windows Home Server you can store music, photos, and other files to a central hard disk like a hub. You can access them from all the

Windows home Server Frequently asked questions

With Windows home Server, you can store music, photos, and other files in a hub-like central hard disk that you can access from all of your computers. Protect your files and your pc--with automated backup and simplified stored procedures you can

Server Q & A: Why do small businesses need servers? (1)

This article is based on the network interview "small business users three questions three answers, Question one: what is a server? Why pay attention to the server ?" . Bireny Sipher: now we are going to discuss what servers are. It is challenging

Why site is not first in the home page and how to solve it

Site is not on the home page How to do, this is really a very headache things. Usually site is not a lot of webmasters are considered to be Baidu down right, before we also in the "talk about those who refuse you to exchange links reason" A article

Analysis why Baidu first included not with the WWW home page instead of the WWW home

Hello everyone, I am SEO small white, as a result of a relatively busy period of time has not been with you to share some of the knowledge of SEO, the recent small white Internet, there are always some novice seo friends to ask some questions about

Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0?

Document directory Related Articles Why won't my ASP pages work in IIS 6.0? After deploying a Web site to a Windows Server 2003, You might find that your ASP pages aren't working. Let's examine a few possible scenarios.   Server cocould not be

6 Reasons to tell you why you need a NAS

When the computer hard disk is full, most users of the first idea is to buy a few terabytes of hard disk to expand, if it is a power user, the first thought is to buy an external hard disk to back up the data, the idea is not wrong, that is when you

Interpretation: Home page Snapshots Why the delay is not updated

Do not know as a webmaster, we are aware of the site has a snapshot of the page, but the home is slow to update. Today, in the chat with peers, he gave me feedback, the home page snapshot has not been updated for more than 10 days, but the site

Build a home network world with FreeBSD

With the popularization and upgrading of computers, more and more families already have several computers, and more families are surfing the Internet. As a result, several computers often want to access the Internet at the same time, in this case,

How to Use Asterisk @ Home to build a VoIP Telephone Exchange System

With the decrease in the cost of using VoIP, family and individual users are receiving more and more requests for using Vonage (or other similar products). As VoIP Communication continues to grow in the area of home calls, in addition, open source

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