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Cache caching mechanism and file caching principle PHP2

original articles, reproduced please specify: reproduced from the electric Shang Sharong ec-shalom.com, specialized in electric business.The concept of caching has not been clear, resulting in the use of PHP write cache is also very not

Take a good look at cookies (strongly recommended) and learn about cookies

Take a good look at cookies (strongly recommended) and learn about cookies Cookie Creation Because HTTP is stateless, services on the server must be stateful. The initial purpose of Cookie creation is to store the status information on the web for

Take a good look at cookies (highly recommended) _ Basics

The birth of a cookie Because the HTTP protocol is stateless, the server-side business must be stateful. The original purpose of cookies was to store state information in the Web to facilitate server-side use. For example, to determine whether the

The similarities and differences between cookies and sessions in PHP and their use

The similarities and differences between the cookie and session:A. Cookie mechanismCookies are small pieces of text that the server stores on the local machine and are sent to the same server with each request. The IETF RFC 2965 HTTP State

. Net Cache

  There are three types of Asp.net cache: Page cache, data source cache, and data cache. 1,Page Cache Principle: Page cache is the most common cache method. The principle is that when a user accesses the server for the first time, the Asp.net server

HTTP protocol (vii) cookies

Cookies are very important things in the HTTP protocol, and I learned a lot by reading "cookie" written by Fish Li. This article of fish is too classic to write. So I don't have much content in this article.Recently I'm going to write a series of

Asp. NET Cache Management Methods _ practical skills

Although cache management is no longer a problem in Windows applications, it is still a challenge in the web environment. Because HTTP is a stateless protocol and the Web service does not recognize the users of different requests. It is important

[Translation] cache tutorials for web developers and web administrators

Original article address:Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters1 what is web cache? Why do people use them? 2 web Cache type 2.1 browser cache 2.2 Proxy Cache 2.3 gateway cache 4 web Cache work 6 build a cache-aware site skills 7 Write

Introduction to ASP. NET Cache Usage

Introduced:When I explain the cache management mechanism, let me first clarify the next idea: the data management under IE. Everyone will use different methods to solve how to manage data in IE. Some will refer to the use of state management, some

HTTP protocol (vii)---cookies

HTTP protocol (vii) cookiesWhat is a cookie, what's the use of it, and why you use cookiesplease look " Cookie" written by Fish LiClassification of Cookiescan roughly put Cookies are divided into 2 categories: reply-to-cookie and persistent

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