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Why do I need to copy a constructor _ function

  Perhaps many beginners in C + + know what a constructor is, but they are unfamiliar with the copy constructor (copy constructor). For me, there's not much chance of using a copy constructor when writing code, but that doesn't mean that the copy

Why use the this constructor and the this constructor?

Why use the this constructor and the this constructor? When a class has multiple constructors, this constructor is often used: public class SomeClass{ public SomeClass() {// TODO: Initialize some fields } public SomeClass(string temp) :

Whether the Java constructor can be inherited, and if the subclass constructor can call the superclass constructor without using super

Question one: Can Java constructors be inherited?The author of Java read a book said: "Java subclasses naturally inherit its superclass" non-private members.Normally Java constructors are set to public (if you do not write the constructor, Java

[CLR via C #] 8.1 ~ 8.3 instance constructor and Type constructor

The class instance constructor is a special method that allows you to initialize a type of instance to a good state. The class instance constructor method is always called. ctor (constructor) in "method definition metadata table ). When creating an

C ++ constructor & amp; copy constructor & amp; constructor of the derived class & amp; virtual inherited Constructor

C ++ constructor & copy constructor & constructor of derived classes & constructor of virtual inheritanceConstructor is a special method. It is mainly used to initialize an object when an object is created, that is, assigning an initial value to the

Why cannot constructor be a virtual function or a constructor of the base class?

Why can't constructors be virtual functions and basic class destructor?I. Why cannot constructors be virtual functions?1. From the perspective of storage space, virtual functions correspond to a pointer to the vtable virtual function table. We all

Copy constructor)

Many C ++ beginners may know what constructor is, but they are still unfamiliar with the copy constructor. For me, there are not many opportunities to use the copy constructor when writing code, but this does not mean that the copy constructor is

Why does the constructor for a Java constructor only write this () or super () in the first line?

Recently in the internal class, but was "why anonymous internal class or local internal class use method of local variables, local variables must be final type" troubled, when looking for information on the Internet, I found that class

C ++ copy constructor and assign value Constructor

Introduction: This is a detailed page of C ++ copy constructor and value assignment constructor. It introduces the knowledge, skills, and experience related to C/C ++, and some C/C ++ source code.Note: classes that contain dynamically assigned

Originally... Why the parameters of a copy constructor must use a reference type

Originally... Why the parameters of a copy constructor must use a reference typeTransferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/tunsanty/article/details/4264738In C + +, constructors, copy constructors, destructors and assignment functions (assignment

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