why use include in c

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In C ++, whether the header file contains the pre-declaration of include or include classes

From: http://blog.csdn.net/suwei19870312/article/details/6665305 In some large projects, there may be dozens of basic classes, which are inevitably referenced by each other (not satisfying the inheritance relationship, but composite relationship ).

Why does linux kernel use c ++?

Java virtual machines and windows are both written in c ++. Why does linux kernel use c ++? Why do php interpreters and python interpreters use c instead of c ++? Does it mean php and python are simpler than Java virtual machines and linux is

Include and require in PHP

PHP include and require reprinted from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5d2673da0100cp6o.html? Include and require in different PHP versions of require (), include (), require_once () and include_once () Reprinted from:

c/c++--#include "stdafx.h" detailed __c++

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/qingkong8832/article/details/66951231, new project with VS2008, select "Win32"-"Win32 Console Application"-Enter Name: test-"OK" "Next"-By default, we all have a check mark before "Empty project" to create a pure C or

The principle of implementing the C ++ function overload and why extern & quot; C & quot; Declaration should be

The principle of implementing the C ++ function overload and why the extern "C" statement must be added when calling a function compiled by C language in C ++ to overload the extern Compared with C, function Overloading is a major feature of C ++, I

Differences between require, require_once, include, and include_once in PHP (repost)

 One of the most common PHP problems mentioned during the interview, I would like to share with you the many similarities and differences between require () and include. Understanding their differences is very important, otherwise it is easy to make

My opinion of C/C + + Why use exceptions in--c++?

Why do I use exceptions in C + +?Many people may know about the anomaly mechanism in C + +, which many people may not know. Many people know what is commonly used in C assert , and know that it is specified at compile time NODEBUG to ignore it.For

Why is there an extern "C" rule?

1. IntroductionThe C + + language was originally created as "A better C", but this does not mean that C + + global variables and functions in C + + are compiled and connected in exactly the same way as C. As a language compatible with C, C + +

The difference between Server.Execute and execute implementing dynamic include (include) scripts in ASP _ Application Tips

Recently intend to try to implement the MVC architecture in ASP, someone must ask me: ASP are eliminated, why also study? I also know that since Microsoft abandoned ASP 3.0 to ASP.net, the ASP has lagged far behind and it began almost at the same

Why does # include <iostream. h> become obsolete?

Original article http://www.cpp-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php? T = 252 Why?# Include Outdated In earlier years, C ++ had no standards. All compiler vendors simply followed a rough convention like "what should be there. And you often cannot easily

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