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"Java keyword-interface" Why variables in Interface can only be public static final

The reason for the existence of three keywords in the interface:Public: Interfaces can be inherited by other interfaces, can also be implemented by classes, classes and interfaces, interfaces and interfaces may form a multi-level relationship, the

Introduction to the interface in Chapter 4 of Delphi

Chapter 4 Interface Not long ago, a friend engaged in software gave me a riddle. Face-to-face is a "Blind Date", which makes me guess a software term. After about a minute, I guess the answer is "Object-Oriented ". I think it's quite interesting. I

Why can't classes and interfaces use private and protected? The method of the interface cannot use private, protected, default

For Java programmers, Java access rights modifiers public, protected, default, private and the difference between the use is certainly not a problem, here is no longer verbose, anyway, niang a search on a lot of. Recently, when finishing the

Careful use of marker Interface

The reason for writing this article stems from some technical discussions within the group. In fact, effective Java's item 37 has discussed marker Interface in detail. But from the whole item's point of view, it is in fact a positive attitude to the

The bottom implementation of the Delphi interface (the interface still has its layout in memory, it is attached to the object

IntroductionInterface is a very important element in object-oriented programming language, it is described as a set of services, for the client, we are only concerned about the services provided, but not the implementation of the service, for the

Why is there an abstract interface decorated class in Java?

If someone asks you why you have an abstract interface modified class, the answer must be that the way he sees it must be the result of the decompile. There is no difference between abstract interface and interface-modified classes in practice.

Why are there no abstract methods for these Java interfaces? Talking about Java Tag interface

In the JDK source code, there are some interfaces, they do not contain any (abstract) methods, but there are widespread.This interface we call Mark Interface, which is the tag interface.These interfaces, we do not have to implement any method, their

Why QT becomes the first choice for C + + interface programming

First, PrefaceWhy now qt More and more become the first choice of interface programming, the author of the QT Interface programming has been nearly 8 years, before this I do C + + interface is based on MFC, also done about 5 years. At that time why

Good programmer training Camp concept and use of-java interface (interface)

"http://www.goodprogrammer.org/"target="blank">android培训------我的java笔记,期待与您交流!In an abstract class, you can include one or more abstract methods, but in an interface (interface), all methods must be abstract and cannot have a method body, which is

Explanation: Why does the server Daniel never use a graphical interface?

Explanation: Why does the server Daniel never use a graphical interface? In our daily life, most of our network names use Windows OS, while Microsoft initially designed the OS to allow more people to use it, also made a lot of user-friendly design.

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