why use oop in php

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What does oop php look like?

// From: http://bbs.chinaunix.net/forum/viewtopic.php? T = 224412 In the PHP forum, I always heard people say three things about PhP's OOP support, saying that there are flaws and deficiencies, but there are no actual examples. I have said that I

Oop thought and design

oop--object-oriented programming. Oop idea refers to the idea of object-oriented itself. The OOP design does not mean that the code is encapsulated into classes. Because, if that's the case, it only refers to object-oriented


I used to write PHP in a process-based or simple func way, because the scope of the application was small, so the problem was not obvious. Now the need to expand the application, so that the coding pressure is getting bigger. So want to use OO, but

On PHP and. Net which is more promising

On PHP and. Net which are more promising On PHP and. Net which are more promising April 10, 2011 In the long term, or PHP, at present more than 90% of the large-scale portal stations are using PHP development (such as: Sina, Baidu, Huajun, Xinhua,

Evaluate oop display strategies in tears

Tear in the tears to find the oop display policy 1. basic situation oop writes the conn to connect mysql class, all the classes that use the database in the system to extends it. For more information about this section, see class & nbsp; db {public &

PHP asp.net comparison [recommended]_ related tips

These tags tell the preprocessor that they contain code and should handle them. Very similar to CGI, the code runs on the server and returns some content that appears as part of the appearance of the resulting HTML page sent back to the browser.

The rewrite mechanism of magento and the hidden characteristics of OOP

In object-oriented programming, we all know that the class has overloaded (overload), overlay (override), Hide (hide) Three relationships, I believe many people have been very understanding of them, so the focus of today's analysis is not these, but

PHP Object-oriented (OOP):P HP5 Interface Technology (interface)

Like most object-oriented programming languages, PHP does not support multiple inheritance. This means that each class can inherit only one parent class. To solve this problem, PHP introduced the interface, the idea of the interface is to specify a

What can be done in Python, but not in PHP?

What can be done in Python, but not in PHP? What can be done in Python, but not in PHP? Reply content: The python programmer named "Ling Jian" said nonsense, not only in the answer, but also in the comments with his expired junior PHP qualifications,

Why do you know that PHP is the most brutal black?

In the programming topic often see black PHP, but also ranked black most forward. PHP and Java have learned, with the feelings of the web, PHP is very convenient to build, a lot of methods directly use, Java XML configuration is rather verbose, not

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