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How does the portable computer connect after the SSID is hidden?

Sometimes in order to prevent others from rubbing the net, we usually set the hidden SSID in the wireless router, so that the notebook, smart phone/tablet and other devices can not search the available WiFi wireless network, but the router settings hide SSID, the same wireless device can not search the

How to connect when SSID is hidden

1, in the lower right corner of the Win7 desktop taskbar Click "Wireless Icon", will display the wireless network around the list, click on the bottom of the "other network" 2, click on other networks, the next pop-up type Network SSID Name dialog box, where we need to fill out the wireless network hidden SSID name (that is,

Wireless router hidden SSID Broadcast Setup method

There are always some cheap friends, like the use of a network card to crack others wireless network free rub net. To avoid being rubbed against the net, we can set the hidden SSID to prevent the net from being rubbed. So how does the SSID hide? Here's an example of a Tp-link wireless router that teaches you how to hide the S

Win8.1 How do I connect the hidden SSID network?

hidden network connection prompt, directly click "Connection" can be, as shown in the following figure. Note: If the "Hide Network" option is not found in the diagram panel above, you are not win8/8.1 a hidden network available on your computer, check your router wireless settings. Third, we will be asked to enter the SSID of the

How does the Win8 system automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network with a hidden SSID?

Problem statusIf the SSID is hidden, the scan cannot be found and needs to be manually added. Let's take a look at the solution.Solution.1. Right-click the network icon on the right of the taskbar and click "Open Network and Sharing Center ";2. Click the wireless connection shown in the figure below;3. Right-click it, and click "wireless properties" in the pop-up menu, as shown in th

WiFi analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version ))

Http://delxu.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/wifi-analyzer-android%E6%89%8B%E6%9C%BA%E7%89%88/WiFi analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version) posted on 2011/03/13 by delxu Original delxu document. For more information, see the source. Thank you! A new HTC Desire HD mobile phone has been launched over the past few days. It's

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