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Golang's hijack to seize the hijacking

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Never quite understood what Golang's hijack was for? Only know hijack this word is the meaning of usurpation, and the role of the gateway, the client's request to the service, and then this service to help forward to the remote server, but read the source to understand this Golang hijack

Several Methods to hijack the prvalue: false prvalue true prvalue

I just introduced a website that causes "PR hijacking" due to misoperations. Next I will talk about how to hijack PR. Several Methods to hijack the prvalue-the false prvalue is actually the prvalue! We know that the PR value is very important to a station. There is a better PR value and other sites do a good link. Now I will tell you a few sites that make your PR 0 into PR1-8! Method 1: Use 301 redire

Hijack uses the iPhone headphone jack to create a cheap Sensor

It is not that easy to produce accessories that match the base connector of iOS devices: you need some parts provided by Apple, and you need to spend a lot of money to buy Apple's "made"IPhone license. However, you can use the headphone jack as the entry point for two-way data communication with the iPhone, and use the power of the iPhone to drive small circuit boards. From secret receiptA group of teachers and students from the department of electronic engineering and computer science at anuniv

How to hijack an airplane with an Android smartphone

Air safety experts, are you still worried about terrorists or the use of high-power laser pens to shake the eyes of pilots while the plane is taking off and landing? Terrorists, are you still trying to bring the "family" onto the plane? Now, the technology is truly "revolutionary". The hijacking can use an Android mobile phone to remotely control a flight at home, just like manipulation. This is not what terrorists say after drinking. Android mobile phone applications: millions, but there is a d

Ecshop csrf can hijack and repair user accounts

Modify the unverified tokens in personal information, and use a specially crafted form to force the user to modify the email address to hijack the user. to hijack the user account, you only need to trick the target user into clicking a link. After a user accesses the email address, the system automatically submits a form to modify the user's email address. After accessing the form before the access (the em

XSS Learning Notes (one)-click Hijack

box. This is just proof that you can get the data. The general practice of HK is to send the desired data to another station of its own. Their practice is usually:Embed a piece of masked code on the target page (usually in a relatively hidden position, or directly at the end):1. Click Hijack (Hjick click)-A non-persistent attack method (reflective XSS):The original server page is>Suppose the user enters the URL:Index.php?id=bytewayIn this way, the HT

Hijack SSH session injection port forwarding

Hijack SSH session injection port forwarding0x00 Preface Yesterday, the links in A niuba group were actually suitable for leaving backdoors. They belong to the Post Exploitation stage. I have never used this method before. They are all dumpfounded and used ld_preload backdoors, after the test is passed in the actual environment, if it finds that the test is available and has more practical value, let's take a look at some of the errors.0x01 details 1

05-14/capture hijack. dll and worm. win32.agent. Z that will disable real-time monitoring by rising./v2

EndurerOriginal2Supplement the reaction of rising1Version A friend said that the real-time monitoring of rising in his computer will be automatically disabled, even if it is manually turned on, it will be automatically closed after a while, and the USB flash disk cannot be opened, so that I can help with the repair. Check found that this friend used the Rising Star virus database, which could not be upgraded. Pe_xscan is used to scan logs and analyze the logs. The following suspicious items are

Malicious programs target Apache and hijack 20 thousand websites

Malicious programs target Apache and hijack 20 thousand websites The malicious program tool named Darkleech is targeting the most popular Web server Apache and redirecting viewers to a third-party malicious website by embedding malicious code on the webpage. It has hijacked more than 20 thousand websites, including well-known websites such as the Los Angeles Times. It is unclear what vulnerabilities attackers have exploited to intrude into Apache ma

Using Chrome plug-ins to implant js into specified pages, hijack XSS, and some tricky ideas and practices

another cool idea came into being: on the logon page of wooyun, insert @ Sogili's xss. if Javascript is used to hijack the form, can we send the user name and password to the desired place? Practice: Manifest. json content: {"Name": "JieChiBiaoDan", "version": "1.0", "manifest_version": 2, "author": "VIP", "icons": {"128 ": "icon.png"}, "permissions": ["tabs", "http: // */*", "https: // */*"], "content_scripts ": [{"js": ["contentscript. js "]," ma

Csrf of xiaguo network can hijack user accounts

1. csrf exists in the account to be hijacked. You can modify the email address to hijack the account. Because one mailbox can only be bound to one account, you can use arrays to randomly select mailboxes. POC: 1. Account hijackingHttp://email.smtp.yupage.com/xianguo2.htm2.modify information http://email.smtp.yupage.com/xianguo.htmSolution:Random token

Easy to use, hijack Windows system shortcut keys with PowerShell

POC: $WshShell = new-object-comobject wscript.shell$shortcut = $WshShell. CreateShortcut ("Desktop\desktoppayload.lnk" )//Create Shortcut button on desktop $shortcut.targetpath = "%systemroot%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe"//Execute File $ Shortcut.iconlocation = "%systemroot%\system32\shell32.dll,21"//Set shortcut button icon $shortcut.hotkey = "CTRL + C"//shortcut key $ Shortcut.windowstyle = ' 7 '//Minimize execution and avoid $Shortcut of pop-up windows. Arguments = ' Calc '

Yeah.net email storage XSS can hijack others' accounts

Yeah.net email storage XSS can hijack others' accounts First, the problem lies in the attachment Preview (currently, the mailbox body is filtered almost ), attachment preview: If you preview files of the doc docx type, Microsoft's Online Preview Technology (high-definition version) and yongzhong software preview Technology (quick version) will be used) Microsoft's Online Preview technology uses Embedding content into an image to render an image for us

Hook hijack himself

#include #include#include#include"Detours.h"#pragmaComment (lib, "Detours.lib")//Include library filesint(*poldsystem) (Const Char* _command) =system;intNewsystem (Const Char*_command) {printf ("%s", _command);}voidHook () {detourrestoreafterwith ();//Restore pre-state to avoid repeated interceptionDetourtransactionbegin ();//Start HijackingDetourupdatethread (GetCurrentThread ());//refreshes the current threadDetourattach ((void* *) poldsystem, newsystem);//hijackedDetourtransactioncommit ();//

Hijack users' private message content (bypassing Cross-Domain Policy/bypass) with design defects of everyone)

Hijack users' private message content (bypassing Cross-Domain Policy/bypass) with design defects of everyone) Don't go around during the design. Didn't I find that I ran back to the starting point for half a day? I said it was a bypass. In fact, I used the design vulnerability.Cross-origin error: Blocked a frame with origin "xxxxx" from accessing 1. This vulnerability exploits contentWindow 2. this function allows the parent window to get the content

Chrome V8 allows attackers to hijack Android phones

Chrome V8 allows attackers to hijack Android phones Guang Gong, a researcher at Qihoo 360, demonstrated how to use a Chrome V8 engine vulnerability to hijack the latest Android phone at MobilePwn2Own. The vulnerability details are not disclosed. This vulnerability can be used to install any application. In the demonstration, researchers installed the crazy Bike game (BMX Bike ). The vulnerability can work

"White hat Talk Web Security" The 5th chapter of the study note click Hijack (clickjacking)

5th Chapter Click Hijack (clickjacking) 5.1What is click HijackingClick Hijacking is a visual deception. A means of hiding malicious code, such as a button, in a Web page, and enticing a user to click on it.Key Featuresq Click Hijacking is a malicious attack technique that tracks network users, gets their private information, or remotely controls their computer by letting them click on seemingly normal web pages. Many browsers and operating platform

I hijack your DNS

.png " alt= "Wkiom1zxv_iqfiouaaawkxi2ozs330.png"/>why hijack a record ?If you have access to the domain name control through social work, you will need to do so if you want to get his back office address, or a cookie.currently I have control sanr.org domain name resolution permission, now we have to do is to www.sanr.org a record to Let the reverse proxy to access the real IP (that is,, in the reverse proxy when we ha

C ++ chew-'hijack const'

In the evening, you have no intention to go over to the Section 94th Constants on the 'The C ++ programming language special version' (English version) of Bjarne stroustrup, the original Article 'C ++ offers the concept of a user-defined constant, a const, to express the notion that a value doesn' t change directly. 'The word is directly. Since it cannot be directly change, I will try indirectly change. The problem is found in the indirectly change. The Code is as follows: # Include Int main ()

jquery Implementation Click Hijack Code

have been looking for a full-screen transparent layer click on the popup code, although not found, but there are some unexpected new discoveriesWhen browsing Baidu knows, found jquery can add the onclick event for DivThe code is as follows:So that each div can be given a click event, what about the body tag? I did the tests separately and found under the WebKit kernel:When you click on the BODY element, the source code of the webpage appears, and when you click the See this article http://www.cd

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