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How to build your own wiki

The neutrality and copyrights of wikis are very important, they are very difficult to build. In China? A Wiki is a collaborative work platform or called an open editing system. The so-called collaborative work, that is, it allows people browsing the

Add wiki syntax for discuz Forum

The goal is to resolve the specific syntax in the Forum to the actual URL of the Wiki, suchHttp:// The following two types of Forum syntaxes must be supported: Enable the Forum to support syntax such as [wiki]

Moinmoin wiki engine Overview

OverviewMoinmoinwiki is an excellent open-source wiki engine. With the gun GPL protocol, the project has been active for many years. Among the many wiki engines, moinmoinwiki ranks first, but not many users in China (see: wiki engine comparison

WIKI Configuration Parameters

First, the general settings1, $wgMetaNamespace the name of the meta-namespace used.2, $wgMetaNamespaceTalk meta-namespace The name of the discussion page. It is not usually necessary to consider the variable, but also to write: $wgMetaNamespace.

Steps for building a wiki website

Download the Chinese version of MediaWiki and download APMServ. It is a silly tool built in the green PHP + MySQL environment. It is very easy to use and is strongly recommended! Extract the apmservinstallation file to a folder, click apmserv.exe,

Teach you how to build a Wiki system based on Markdown

1 Preparation ResourcesMdwiki the base Package HTTP server (application server can also, the application server is required because Mdwiki must be run under the HTTP server.) ) For the above resources, please download your own O (∩_∩) o~ first. 2

Pinvoke. Net: Do InterOP the Wiki way!

What is pinvoke first? Pinvoke is the abbreviation of platform invoke. Let's take a look at the explanations in the msdn document: Platform Invoke is a service that enables managed code to call unmanaged functions implemented in Dynamic Link

JavaBeans Wiki Selected Passage

Given that spring's beans package complies with JavaBean specs, it is necessary to study JavaBean specs carefully.Let's take a look at what the wiki says:DefinedUnder the Java platform, JavaBeans is the class that contains a lot of objects into a

Solrcloud: According to the SOLR wiki

This article is written by the author according to Apache SOLR document, translation is not correct or understanding is not in place welcome everyone to correct! Thank you! Nodes, cores, Cluster and leadersNodes and CoresIn Solrcloud, a node is an

SQL Injection Detection Based on AST abstract syntax tree (1)

This week, we will continue to focus on Database firewall knowledge: If penetration is an attack, the database firewall is defensive. The first time I got in touch with this content, I went online to find some information, and found that the

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