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Win8 how to perfect compatible with old games?

Although the current computer and hardware, the type of game updates very quickly, but many people still like to play some nostalgic old game, but because the software and hardware updates too fast, especially the system led to a lot of old games incompatible, so what do we need to do? There are several ways to do this:   1, modify the compatibility First you n

How to solve the WIN8 system is not compatible with old games

Windows version, such as the color of the game from 8bit to 16bit, and so on, the other is through the DirectDraw compatibility Tool generates a registry entry into Windows to support DirectDraw compatibility for this game. It can make your Windows easier to accept the games you want to play, of course it is not omnipotent, and it is impossible to fit every game. If you find that the WIN8 system is not compatible with the

Use the Windows XP Program Compatibility Wizard feature to play old games

Now many people are using the Windows XP operating system, its gorgeous interface and stable performance has been recognized by everyone. I don't know where I'm coming from. Want to play some old games, can be installed to know that they do not support Windows XP. In fact, Windows XP has long considered this issue, the operating system has added a new feature of the Program Compatibility Wizard, we will use

I want to make a small game with old Qi learning Python, and I want to learn python games.

I want to make a small game with old Qi learning Python, and I want to learn python games. When talking about the list, I mentioned the game. Later, this was not a connection. Not forgetting, but at which stage you want to be the most appropriate. After a period of study, the reader is no longer a pure hacker, but a beginner in python. Now is the time to start that game. Game content: Guess digital

Solution to playing the screen of old games in Windows 7

Solution to playing the screen of old games in Windows 7 Hell Gate Playing old games in Windows 7, such as Starcraft, will be blurred. This is because of the compatibility problem of the 256 color palette of DirectDraw in win7. It is said that it is the default configuration,ProgramYou cannot obtain the color

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