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Win under compile FFmpeg library, Compile and build FFmpeg library and DLL on Windows x64 (genuine)

Reprint please specify: from Ericking,thanksNever thought of compiling a library so pit dad, again remind you Baidu things can only refer to, want to save time or to the official online to see Docum. No nonsense, start the detailed process:---"1.

13, MDT Update 1 batch deployment-efi install Win 7, win 10, Server R2 Combat

13, MDT Update 1 batch deployment-efi install Win 7, win 10, Server R2 CombatWith the popularization of large-capacity disk, the traditional BIOS supports MBR partition, can support 2T below the boot, if the boot disk capacity is greater than 2T,

Environment configuration for Eclipse (x64) +jdk (x64) +cdt+mingw+gdb under Windows 7 (x64)

Bought 2 years of computer, installed a lot of software, not work space, light soft mirror has 100G, 2 points, I this is still top with it, can not stand, decisive re-install system, installed after eclipse whim, do not want to install what VC, not

Win x64 Version installs Huawei ENSP Simulator

1, install ENSP Simulator main programGo to the official website to download the installation package, link below;!showVDetailNew?idAbsPath=fixnode01|7919710| 21782036|21782103|21782135|901

How to compile Pycrypto 2.4.1 (python 3.2.2 for Windows 7 x64)

How to compile Pycrypto 2.4.1 (python 3.2.2 for Windows 7 x64)Nov 10Posted by AleskThis note was a variation of note that talks about compiling cx_oracle module for Python 3.2 (64-bit), but this time around I wanted to try out Pycrypto module v2.4.1

WIN10 X64 with TLS for reverse debugging

1 Introduction to TLS technologyThread Local Storage (TLS) is a mechanism that Windows provides to address the simultaneous access of multiple threads in a process to global variables. TLS can simply be done by the operating system on its behalf to

Win 7 normal Home Edition IIS

Every time a programmer comes into the job, it's almost always a matter of reloading the operating system, which is an easy battle:1) time is too long;2) Easy to encounter weird system behavior.1.win7 for untrimmed not on VS2012First installed a Win7

We have successfully installed win 7 with virtualbox in win 7, sharing some experiences.

ArticleDirectory Question 1: File Sharing Question 2: no sound Problem 3: Unable to activate Question 4: Enable aero Directory My Environment Installation Steps Enhance VM settings Solutions to major problems

Win 7 installing the Redis service

Win 7 installing the Redis serviceRedis is an open source API that is written in ANSI C, supports the web, can be persisted in memory, key-value databases, and provides multiple languages. But Redis officially does not support windows, but Microsoft

Getting started with Hadoop-compiling x64-bit Hadoop on Windows

EnvironmentWindows 7 x64 bit, Visual Studio ProfessionalHadoop Source Version 2.2.0Step (from the book "Pro Apache Hadoop, Second Edition" slightly modified. Ensure that JDK, 1.6 is, or higher is installed. We assume that it's installed in thec:

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