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Shortest-in-depth qwt compilation and installation on Win XP (I)

Now we see the third version of this article. The reason for writing this blog post is that this dish is recently prepared to use qwt to develop some functional components, and the company basically uses Win XP for development, to facilitate future

Programmer-Talk about the differences, feelings, and inner thoughts of developing PHP under Win and Linux. Reviews

I have always been under win to write PHP code, but many times to see the recruitment information to recruit PHP programmers are talking about being able to develop PHP in Linux, and then I myself have to go to Linux (CentOS) to develop PHP. Say a

Raspberry Pi Cross-compilation Environment build (Win 7)

Although the Raspberry Pi has gcc, you can compile the C + + program, but if the project is large, compiling with the Raspberry Pi will waste a lot of time, we can compile the program on the PC, then pass the executable file to the Raspberry Pi,

WebKit compilation rules under Win32

Someone recently failed to compile WebKit in Windows 7 and asked me how to solve it. I have read it, mainly svganimationelement. files such as CPP cannot be compiled. Some enumeration variables after SVG is enabled are used, but WebKit generates

Less and compilation tools-see rainbow after the storm

Less and compilation tools-see rainbow what is LESSCSS LESSCSS is a dynamic style language and is a CSS preprocessing language. It uses CSS-like syntaxes and gives CSS dynamic language features, such as variables, inheritance, operations, and

Gdal comprehensive sorting-5: gdal compilation instructions

Document directory 1. Simple Compilation Ii. Custom Compilation On the Internet, I can see that this article is fully written, and it is in Chinese. I just turned around and learned it.Some of the content is repeated, but it does not affect.

Summary of WebKit errors during windows Compilation

To analyze the browser kernel, I got the WebKit code a long time ago. I had never succeeded on Windows by following the compilation steps on its official website, but Google gave me a hand, appearance depending on the problems that occur during

Qt 4.7.4 perfect dynamic compilation release dynamic debugging and static compilation release

Original article address:Http:// The first step is preparation. Go to the QT homepage to download the independent QT class library installation package, the complete qt sdk installation package, and QT

Win under compile FFmpeg library, Compile and build FFmpeg library and DLL on Windows x64 (genuine)

Reprint please specify: from Ericking,thanksNever thought of compiling a library so pit dad, again remind you Baidu things can only refer to, want to save time or to the official online to see Docum. No nonsense, start the detailed process:---"1.

Polycode compilation (Linux)

Polycode compilation (Linux) Polycode is now a relatively new cross-platform game library that supports win, Linux, Mac, and very attractive features. However, due to its newer features, there are very few documents. I originally wanted to

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