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Win under compile FFmpeg library, Compile and build FFmpeg library and DLL on Windows x64 (genuine)

Reprint please specify: from Ericking,thanksNever thought of compiling a library so pit dad, again remind you Baidu things can only refer to, want to save time or to the official online to see Docum. No nonsense, start the detailed process:---"1.

Learning about the memory layout of C + + objects under win x64

This article is a study note on the next situation of x64 after learning Chenhao's article, "Memory layout of C + + objects (top)". The link address of his article is: sample code has the

acute3d.viewer.v4.0.0.5556 x64

bentley.acute3d.viewer.v4.0.0.5556 x64A new solidthinking.click2cast. X64 casting process Simulation3D CAM software NC programming software Vero.Machining.Strategist.V2016.R1Arqcom.cad-earth.v4.1.9.for.autocad2007-2016.zwcad.bricscad

[Baidu Space] [Original] cross-platform programming Considerations (II): Migration from Windows x86 to x64

Before the turn:Porting a program to a 64-bit WindowsAnd a piece of my own writing:Cross-platform programming considerations (i)Prior to the x64 platform for the transplant is on paper, as a preparatory work, but at least in writing code, has been

Environment configuration for Eclipse (x64) +jdk (x64) +cdt+mingw+gdb under Windows 7 (x64)

Bought 2 years of computer, installed a lot of software, not work space, light soft mirror has 100G, 2 points, I this is still top with it, can not stand, decisive re-install system, installed after eclipse whim, do not want to install what VC, not

HP Server install win x64 operating system

Server: HP ServerOperating system: Windows Server R2Task: Install the WIN8 system on the HP serverTools: U disk, Cn_windows_server_2008_r2.isoOperation Steps:1. the Self-test screen is pressed F10 Intelligent Provisioning2. go to the IP boot

Java Win server2008 Configuration and testing of X64-bit JDK environment variables

Installation Preparation:1. JDK Software (Java SE Development Kit 8).  Note 64 bits. : JDK, default parameters.Configuration:1. Create a new

WIN10 X64 with TLS for reverse debugging

1 Introduction to TLS technologyThread Local Storage (TLS) is a mechanism that Windows provides to address the simultaneous access of multiple threads in a process to global variables. TLS can simply be done by the operating system on its behalf to

Lenovo Notebook V470 Installation Win8.1 X64-bit system, shutdown black screen, power LED light

The previous WIN7 X86 system used for a long time, the software industry installed a lot, now use a bit of cards, and recently decided to reinstall a system, the background found that there is a thing to develop the WIN8 X64 bit, download a ready to

Play with the hash and plaintext password of Win 10

Play with the hash and plaintext password of Win 10     Windows 10 has been released for a period of time. The increasing installation volume and the frequent adoption of messages by more and more enterprises are a great situation. It is estimated

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