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Win8 upgrade Win9 How much is the price?

Russian Wzor revealed that a special version of the Windows 9 Enterprise Edition (Technology Preview) has been made available to testers, and that Microsoft does not intend to publicly test the Windows 9 Professional Edition. The beta version of

March Beauty Festival Win8 Rich application to enjoy the wonderful fashion life

Yangchun March, Spring, beautiful women and ushered in the annual belong to their own beautiful holiday. In this first beautiful spring of Windows 8, this article shares with you some of the WIN8 applications that are commonly used by female friends, wishing you a happy holiday and enjoying a wonderful fashion life together with Win8. One, carefree online shopping: Ruyi Amoy, the United States

Humans can no longer stop apple.

Click X on the tab of the browser page? Your browser window cannot be paged? Please press the power switch on the chassis to avoid surfing the internet with such an out browser. Abstract: This article focuses on the problems faced by traditional PC manufacturers, especially in the current mobile age. We would like to pay tribute to Apple.Tablet It is rumored that the Android tablets of major PC manufacturers last year were not selling well (Mobile manufacturers such as Samsung do not count), So

Four reasons to see Win8 most appealing to student users

of cool personality, the interest in socializing and the traditional needs of learning and games, these are the content that WIN8 can provide to them completely, which has become the important reason for students to fall in love with Win8. Of course, WIN8 attracts student users much more than just a few of the areas mentioned above, such as the

XP Upgrade win8/win8.1 Tutorial

assistant also provides online purchase, download and upgrade installation WINDOWS8 functions. Under this page, for the user to order for Win8 ordinary version, the current price is 998 yuan, after the purchase, you need to download 2G upgrade installation package online. ▲ Support Billing function ▲ Current WINDOWS8 Upgrade assistant support credit card and foreign P

Win7 How to upgrade Win8

Microsoft's new generation of WIN8 has been officially listed, ordinary desktop computers and notebooks can choose WIN8 General Edition and Professional version of the two versions, WIN8 system is a new system of Microsoft's masterpiece, Microsoft's message to the higher expectations, now purchase Win8 genuine system r

WIN8 Flat Plate skillfully change body work leisure set

, "Daily Specials", "Discount Street" and so on, and for users to set up a commodity classification module, covering clothing clothing, luggage accessories, home food and other major categories and a number of branch categories, but also provides a powerful search function, Users can choose to organize the search results according to price, region and various filtering methods, and find the goods they need more quickly. Graphic: With

How Windows XP installs new Win8.1 Update

Win8 ordinary version, the current price is 998 yuan, after the purchase, you need to download 2G upgrade installation package online. ▲ Support Billing function ▲ Current WINDOWS8 Upgrade assistant support credit card and foreign Paypai payment method, are not suitable for domestic users ▲ when the user picks up the product and submits the order payment, Microsoft wi

Solution to original win8 system computer crash

Solution to original win8 system computer crashSolution to original win8 system computer crash Note: The reason why I wrote this blog article about the crash of the original win8 system computer is that the original win8 suffered a series of pains, the second is to summarize and share experiences in solving system fau

Original WIN8 system computer crashes problem solving

Original WIN8 system computer crashes problem solvingDisclaimer: Reference Please specify source Description: The reason for writing this article about WIN8 original system computer Crash blog, one is to spit out the original WIN8 blogger Main suffered a series of pain, two is to summarize the system failure to solve th

Win8, the female otaku, the digital network to buy life

The momentum of the big shop: Jingdong Mall In the past few years Jingdong Mall news and a variety of provocative marketing activities to make a full swing, but it is so not quiet to toss a well-known is more and more, coupled with the price and quality of goods does have a certain advantage, it has become the most prosperous comprehensive shopping mall. So it's not surprising that such a big brand will launch a Windows 8 professional application. J

Ten applications of recommended WIN8

can also direct the notes directly to the Win8 interface. Because of this, OneNote is almost a mandatory application on the WIN8. Booking Assistant: Where to travel Editor-in-Chief often need to travel, I believe many users also often need to travel, at this time a good ticket booking application is very useful. Because the ticket is not so convenient to buy, especially to understand the timetable and th

2013 most notable notebooks of the first half

, using 28nm process technology, performance and new gt730m performance at the same level, Only more than 4,000 yuan price is worth the limited budget friends pay attention to. Microsoft Surface Pro Chinese version 6588 USD Microsoft Surface Pro Chinese version Microsoft Promotion Win8 is absolutely need to cooperate with the efforts of a large chess, launched surface products, although the actual s

How to select several versions of the WIN8 system?

went to keep information secure; You can host Remote Desktop connections on a WIN8 professional pc; Professional Edition Win8 can also connect to the enterprise or campus network through the "Domain join" feature. WMC is now a Professional edition exclusive Of course, before installing the Windows 8 Professional Edition, you need to make sure that your computer can support all of the features

Win7 Win8 Dual system Installation Tutorial diagram

WIN7/WIN8 Dual System Installation Tutorial The introduction of the Win7 WIN8 dual system Installation Tutorial principle is very simple, that is, on the basis of Win7 Win8 installed to the VHD virtual hard disk, this method is actually called VHD installation Win8 method. This Win7

Lenovo printer driver where download printer driver URL summary

Select your Lenovo printer product model and the computer system you are using, and click to download.Laser multi-function integrated printer driver link:M1840_M2040: WINXP (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN2000 Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN7 (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN8 (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN10 (32-bit, 64-bit) Linux Apple Mac OSF2070_F2071H: WINXP (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN2000 Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) WIN7 (32-bit, 64-bit)

WIN7+WIN8 Dual system Installation Tutorial!

Win7 and Win8 dual system installation tutorials are there wood? How simple is the Win7 and Win8 dual system installation? Win7 and Win8 dual system installation 2 steps to fix? Win7 and Win8 Dual system installation 10-minute fix? The simplest Win7 and WIN8 dual-system inst

Win8 Start Menu Full Raiders

First of all, I do not support everyone to the WIN8 Metro style interface to modify why the traditional, classic desktop, especially Microsoft want to give up the Start menu! Yes, the Start menu was formally applied to the present, starting with Windows 95, she brought the convenience has been popular, suddenly upgraded to Win8, Start menu canceled, we seem to become at a loss, we can not find a resta

Do not sell installation disks, upgrade to genuine Win8 in three ways

The promotion from Microsoft official website to Win8 Professional edition has long ended in February 1, and now the price of Win8 Professional edition has been adjusted to 1998 yuan. At this time, you have not upgraded during the promotion period. Do you regret it? Do you want to find Win8 boxes in the electronic mark

Win8.1 Installation Tutorial

corresponding key to install, usually in the download place will be provided. 4, the above mentioned key can only be used for installation, if you want to experience genuine Win8.1 also need to activate, because the official version of Microsoft to purchase the activation code, the price is not cheap, we recommend that you can consider online purchase. Here we go to the Win8.1 system installation tutorial that we are going to introduce today. Firs

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