win8 sound driver

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How does the WIN8 system install REALTK sound card driver?

How does the WIN8 system install REALTK sound card driver? the specific methods are as follows: 1, open Baidu Search download Realtek sound card driver; 2, decompression, find the Rtlupd.exe file, choose to run as the administrator mode identity; 3, then according

Ubuntu has no sound. aplay-l cannot find the sound card, and the unbuntu sound card driver has problems.

The camera has no sound, and it is the most painful. it is hard to watch a video and learn it. after so long, I finally found this post. I hope it will be useful to everyone. my personal feeling is, the computer silent problem of the ubuntu1004 system has nothing to do with the computer model, because I have an HP notebook with no sound from the colorful machine. it is the most painful, and it is hard to wa

What if the computer doesn't sound? Computer does not sound sound card driver can not install the solution

First , at the beginning of the computer into the System control Panel (this we can directly in the system to adjust the like Realtek, via) If we enter, click to open the Audio Manager-then click on the left side setting-Check the Disable front panel jack detection-and then click OK. Figure 1 Second, Device Manager sound card is disabled This we need to right click on the computer and then click-Manage-and then click on Device Manage

Sound card driver Normal but what if there is no sound?

driver is missing, it can be solved by driving life. 3, related services are not open Right click on "My Computer" → "Management" → service, locate the Windows Audio service on the right and double-click, in the properties that appear, "Startup Type" select "Automatic", "Service status" select "Start", click "OK" below, and then open the player to test if the audio problem is resolved 4. Realtek Audio Manager is not set Take Win7 as an example: d

What if the computer doesn't sound? Universal sound Card driver Installation tutorial

What about the computer with no sound? How to install the sound card driver? Is there a universal Audio driver installation tutorial? For beginners, "the computer does not sound and how to install the sound card" is a difficult pr

IE10 Web playback video No sound reload sound driver invalid

Like tossing friends always like to change their own system to play, experience the fun of different systems. Today, there is a more depressed friend, the computer to toss to upgrade to Win8 after, with IE10 play video when they found no sound, reload sound card driver also failed to solve the problem. In fact, this si

Win8.1 System install sound card driver Smartaudio no sound after

The Win8.1 system installs the sound card to drive Smartaudio does not have the sound to do? Because the sound card driver process Smartaudio is incompatible with the Win8.1 system, there are times when the system has no sound. After you find the cause of the failure, the fo

What if there is no sound in the WIN8 computer speaker? The computer has no sound resolution skills

. 3. Click on the right side of the "sound". 4. In the play, see if speakers are the default device, as shown in the following figure: 5. If "Speaker" is not the default device, right-click "Speaker" and select "Set as Default Device". 6. Set the speaker to the default device and click OK below to see if the speaker has any sound. Third, the

Linux ALSA sound card driver 2: Sound Card Creation

Statement: the content of this blog is composedHttp://, reprinted please indicate the source, thank you! 1. struct snd_card 1.1. What is snd_card? Snd_card is a top-level structure of the entire ALSA audio driver. The software logical structure of the Sound Card begins with this structure. Almost all audio-related logical devices are under the management of snd_card, the f

The computer didn't sound? Sound card driver not installed? Drive your life to help you

Sometimes the computer sounds abnormal or no sound, some users download the installation or update the sound card driver, the computer still no sound or abnormal, from the user to drive life feedback, most of the sound card Control Panel settings problems or

Linux ALSA sound card Driver II: the creation of a sound card __linux

chip's proprietary data as a lower-order device for the sound card: [C-sharp] view plain copy staticintsnd_mychip_dev_free ( Structsnd_device*device) { returnsnd_mychip_ Free (device->device_data);} staticstructsnd_device_ops ops={ .dev_free=snd_mychip_dev_free,}; .... snd_device_new (card,sndrv_dev_lowlevel,chip,ops); registering as a low order device is primarily designed to automatically release the memory used by the chip-specific data wh

Win8 Tip 2: Why does Win8 sound?

(32-bit) or 2g ram (64-bit) (3) 16 GB hard drive (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) (4) DirectX9 video card with WDDM1.0 or above driver (5) Touch Screen with multi-touch (6) X or above Resolution Display Screen Q: Why is there no sound in Windows 8? After the sound card driver is installed in the

Win8 system sound abnormal how to restore sound initial state

Some users like to customize a variety of system settings, so that the system can become more personalized. But there are WIN8 users have modified the system's sound scheme, there are abnormal phenomena. So how do you restore the initial state of the sound?   Operation Steps The first step, right click on the taskbar notification area Small horn icon, menu sele

Sound card driver Complete but no sound solution

  win10 sound card driver complete but no sound solution  The installation is finished WIN10, successfully activated. A patch update was made and the basic driver was installed. Device Manager does not have a yellow exclamation point. (Instructions are driven) But playing music, the video h

How to retrieve the small horn sound icon in the taskbar after the computer has finished installing the sound card driver

How to retrieve the small horn sound icon in the taskbar after the computer has finished installing the sound card driver 1, click the taskbar notification area of the triangle arrows; 2, click "Custom Customize"; 3, you can see the sound set "hidden icon and notice"; 4, in the d

Win7 32-bit system there is no sound Reload sound card driver failure how to do

 The specific steps are as follows: 1. First open the Win7 system you installed the disk into the windows-system32-driverstore-filerepository, and then find the inside Wdmaudio.inf_x86_neutral_ Aed2a4456700dfde folder; 2. Then right click on the folder to select "Admin get Ownership"; 3. Then enter the (WDMAUDIO.INF_X86_NEUTRAL_AED2A4456700DFDE) folder to delete all the contents; 4. Then to download the Windows7 sound card

Win10 Install sound card driver failure what to do Realtek sound card can not install solution

1, in the Windows10 Cortana we search "Group Policy" can also enter gpedit.msc in the Run box, enter the Group Policy settings, as shown in the following figure 2, now we open the dialog box below to find "Computer configuration → management template → system → device installation" Open, we then click on the right "Configure device Installation Timeout" and double-click to open into the following figure shown. 3, then on the left side of the window we click on "Enabled", then click

Linux alsa sound card driver ann loading and unloading set default sound card __linux

Environmental ubuntu12.04 Because the desktop version of the default installed, and the sound is also very convenient, here is the server version of the configuration, after all, do the development often or with the server version of 1. Installation Apt-get Install Alsa-base It will also be a piece of alsa-utils, this is a toolkit, if not installed directly apt-get install 2. Configure The sound defaul

WIN10 system sound Card driver problem causes no sound to do

1, in the taskbar sound icon (small horn) on the right click, select "Play device." 2, select the current playback device, and then click the Properties button. 3, click the "Advanced" tab, select a non-current sampling frequency and bit depth of the sound quality (System general default 24-bit, 48000 Hz) as the default format, click OK. The above is the WIN10 system has no

Some experiences in installing the alsa sound card driver in Linux may help those who fail to install the driver.

Some experiences of installing the alsa sound card driver in Linux are expected to help those who fail to install the driver-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Which of the following is my personal information? Maybe you only have one thing missing, or more, double or totally different s

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