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Ubuntu/debian No sound solution--compile and install the latest ALSA driver

After installing Ubuntu, the system has no sound, mostly because Ubuntu's "voice Control driver: Alsa" does not correctly identify the computer's sound card. The solution to this problem, although a bit complicated, but there is worth trying, after all, no one wants in the world of Ubuntu, no sound of the day ~ Solutio

Sound card driver problem causes voice chat exception?

Operation Steps Small series first to introduce you if it is a sound card driver exception to how to solve. The sound card driver exception is the driver installs the wrong problem, uses the drive life two steps to be possible to solve. First you download drive life, click

Linux ALSA sound card driver 3: Create PCM Device

(MP3, WMA, AAC ......), after decoding, the PCM data is finally sent to the audio driver. In turn, during the recording, the audio driver continuously sends the sampled PCM data back to the application, compress and store tasks by applications. Therefore, the two core tasks of the audio driver are: How does playback convert PCM data sent by user space applicat

Common sound card driver problem solving method

Online sound card driver Pack a lot, want to find the right not easy. We can use professional driver management software to quickly find the right sound card driver installation package. Drive Life 5 Unique recommended drive function, after the software will test your comput

AC97 Sound Card Driver Installation

AC97 Sound Card Driver Installation 97 sound cards are quite common, but there are not many friends who really know the types of AC97 sound cards and the correct Driver Installation. This artic

Win7 Reload sound card driver graphics and text tutorial

Updating the sound card driver is a common computer operation, but a lot of friends in the update of the sound card when encountered some problems, and the higher the rate is about the problem of reloading the sound card, the following small series to Win7 system as an example, combined with pictures and text to give y

Win7 Install sound card driver failure how to solve

We listen to music on the Win7 computer or watch video, found that the computer does not sound, it may be the sound card driver problems. We can reinstall the sound card driver, but in the process of reloading, prompted the installation failed, what can I do? The following i

Linux sound card driver porting and testing

First, analyze the driver, modify the code according to the Development BoardCode is too long, it is not affixed, a few points to note:1, view Development Board schematic diagram and s3c2410 datasheet,uda1341 l3mode, L3data, L3clock respectively and s3c2410 GPB2, GPB3, GPB4 connected, IISLRCK=GPE0, iissclk= GPE1, Cdclk=gpe2,iissdi=gpe3, Iissdo=gpe4, part of the code is as follows:2, two important structures: audio_buf_t and audio_stream_t, wherein aud

Linux sound card driver porting and Testing

1. Analyze the driver and modify the code according to the Development Board The code is too long to be pasted. Pay attention to the following points: 1. Check the principle diagram of the Development Board and datasheet of the S3C2410. The L3MODE, L3DATA, and L3CLOCK of UDA1341 are connected to gpbs, GPB3, and GPB4 of the S3C2410, respectively. Labels = GPE0, IISSCLK = GPE, IISSDI = GPE3, IISSDO = GPE4, some code is as follows: 2. Two important stru

Linux sound card driver porting and testing

I. Analyze the driver and change the code according to the Development BoardCode is too long, it is not affixed, a few points to note:1, view the Development Board schematic diagram and s3c2410 datasheet,uda1341 l3mode, L3data, L3clock respectively and s3c2410 GPB2, GPB3, GPB4 connected. IISLRCK=GPE0, Iissclk=gpe1, Cdclk=gpe2,iissdi=gpe3, Iissdo=gpe4, part of the code such as the following:2, two important structures: audio_buf_t and audio_stream_t, i

What if there's no sound in the Win8

  First, try downloading a new driver. See how to locate a hardware driver for instructions on finding a driver. If the driver cannot be installed, try installing in compatibility mode: 1 if the driver is installed, uninstall it. Then, when you install or reinstall, right-

Detailed steps for Win7 32-bit system reload sound card driver

1. Before reloading the sound card driver, you should uninstall the sound card driver of the computer, right-click the computer on the desktop, select Properties, and then click Advanced System settings to open the System Properties window; 2, in the pop-up "System Properties" dialog box, switch to the "Ha

How to fail the sound card driver installation

A, sound card control Panel settings (some of the sound card will have this convenient problem, such as: Realtek, VIA) Open Audio Manager--click on the right Jack setting-check disable front panel jack detection-click OK.   Second, Device Manager sound card is disabled Turn on your computer--click Management--click Device Manager--to view

Windows XP sound Card driver installation method

Laptop with Conexant HD Audio chip driver installation method under Windows XP Tip: Realtek sound card in XP if you are also prompted to install a sound card, you can also refer to the following scheme to install a sound card patch, and then install the sound card

How does the win8 microphone sound too small?

Under the WIN8 system, the system microphone is small, is a lot of users often reflect one of the problems, but in general, it is not particularly easy to find the problem, for some people who use the microphone recording, or voice chat users, it will be obvious, then WIN8 system user computer in the voice too small how to do? Below see small series for you to bring the solution! Workaround: 1, key mouse

Win7 system sound card driver Download considerations

If you like to use the Win7 flagship version, then you will face some of the WINDOWS7 internal system update distress, and sometimes in the update Windows7 will find Win7 sound card driver, which requires Win7 sound card drive official download Help. And today for you to bring a Win7 audio drive official download of the Universal

WIN8 System Board integrated sound card How to shut down?

WIN8 System Board integrated sound card How to shut down? Win7 system to shut down the motherboard integrated sound method 1, in the computer boot on the keyboard press del key into the BIOS interface; 2, in the BIOS interface to find "Chipset Futures Setup", and then click Enter, find the right side of the onchip soun

Linux system Debian How to compile the sound card driver

When the HP notebook was first bought, installing Debian 5 would normally run into two problems. One is the wireless card driver is not installed, one is "with headphones can listen to music, but the speaker is not audible." For the previous question, please refer to the article GNU Small wireless internet-bcm4312 driver installation The second problem, most of which is that the

Install Windows XP Based on gui kvm and load the virtio driver during installation. Update sound usage

There are a lot of instructions on KVM, but it is basically a command line. It is not intuitive for new users, and it is not mentioned about virtio driver installation. So I sent another article. The performance of the virtual hard disk and virtual network using the virtio interface is not comparable to that of the default ide interface. From Installing a virtual machine to running a virtual system, you only need to use the command line three time

How to reload a sound card driver

Sometimes, when a software or driver is installed, it destroys the driver of the sound card itself, which may be solved by reloading the sound card driver. Steps/Methods First uninstall the sound card

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