windows 10 disc burner or software not found

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Litter ze398c Drive Disc-USB to rs232-support Windows 10/mac

This tool is USB1.1, relatively old, a start to do little white mouse do not know to buy USB1.1, so I do not recommend to buy this, there are other models, support USB2.0 and USB3.0, but the price is relatively expensive, this is only about 30 yuan.Key Force special Use PL2303 chip, compatibility is very good, widnows 7+, Linux, Mac 10.9+ can support.Comparison is the driver download, official web download driver for ze398c is not used, can only drive the contents of the CD to install, and this

Windows 10 system pycharm Software Installation, activation, Chinese-detailed tutorial

the Pycharm software:(Ideavim plug-in: The role is to simulate the operation of Vim in IntelliJ; Markdown Plugin: A markup language that can be written with a plain text editor, with a simple markup syntax that can make plain text content a certain format ; Bashsupport plugin: is a highly customizable vim plug-in that allows inserting: file headers, complement statements, annotations, functions, and code blocks; r Languagesupport Plug-in: R language

Zhang happy Windows 10 IoT Development Notes: use the software PWM in Lightning to drive RGB LEDs, iotpwm

Zhang happy Windows 10 IoT Development Notes: use the software PWM in Lightning to drive RGB LEDs, iotpwm It seems that Windows 10 IoT has never been used up again. So, let's write a blog about the story. In fact, I wanted to write it about half a year ago. At that time, I w

Windows 10 Chinese user name causes some software not to work with the workaround

Recent learning process found many students in the first initialization of the WINDOWS10 system filled in the Chinese user name, then the system will default to the Chinese user name to establish the user's folder. For Chinese user name folder usually use basic no problem, but a few software installation and configuration use process (for example, GNS 3), save path does not support contain Chinese, thus err

Windows 7 compatibility authentication software nearly 10 thousand

Windows 7, as a new-generation Microsoft operating system, has seen a rising market share and a growing number of compatible software since its official launch in last October. According to Microsoft Data, nearly software have passed the Windows 7 compatibility certification. IT is reported that Microsoft provides a

Reasons why some software in Windows 10 applications and features are not available for display

After you upgraded Windows 10, you saw some unusable situations when viewing the application footprint, as shown in the following figure: This is not available, which means that the system cannot detect the exact disk space footprint of the software. In general, because of the software installation package registr

Slow or block the automatic update of Windows 10 software tutorial

"Enabled" above, then select "2-Notify download and notify Installation" in the dropdown below, then click "OK" button, as shown in.If you are using the Windows10 family version, then none of the above methods can be used, but it doesn't matter, we still have the right approach.  Method One: Use the show or hide update (show or hide updates) toolThis method is very simple, after running the Stud poker tool Select the update you want to block, so that the hidden updates will not be installed aut

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