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About the control of the modal window size under iOS 8 7 (resizing uimodalpresentationformsheet)

uiviewcontroller* Modalcontroller = [[Uiviewcontroller alloc]init];Modalcontroller.modaltransitionstyle = Uimodaltransitionstylecrossdissolve;Modalcontroller.modalpresentationstyle = Uimodalpresentationformsheet;Resizing sizeCgpoint framesize = Cgpointmake ([[UIScreen mainscreen] bounds].size.width*0.95f, [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]. size.height*0.95f);CGRect screenrect = [[UIScreen mainscreen] bounds];CGFloat screenwidth = screenRect.size.width;CG

Disable Windows 7 desktop window automatic dock function

When you drag a window on the Windows 7 desktop, when it is dragged to the edge of the screenThe window is automatically docked to the corresponding edge location. Well, this feature is totally troublesome for me. I am not used to it. How can I disable it? Use the following settings:Open the control panel and go to eas

IOS development 7: automatic rotation and resizing

Both Apple's iPad and iPhone Support automatic rotation, so the program we write also supports two views: vertical and horizontal. By default, the programs we write are all vertical, just as in the previous examples. If you run a previously written program and rotate the simulator, you will find it unfriendly and some controls will not be seen. At this time, automatic rotation is necessary. 1. Let's talk ab

How does one modify the file window size in a 32-bit Windows 7 7 system ?, Windows 7 7

How does one modify the file window size in a 32-bit Windows 7 7 system ?, Windows 7 7 Many 32-bit Windows

Open the window of dreams-Chengdu Windows 7 community publishing activity and Windows 7 party Summary

ArticleDirectory Venue Attendees Lecture Process Venue Attendees Communication Process Some resources used in my speech and development: Answer questions from netizens (constantly adding ......) : Activity photos (including community publishing and gathering ): Note: On June 16, October 24, we successfully held "Windows 7" in Chengdu Times Square.Community"Release

Window 7 ADSL Broadband Automatic Connection

Because China's broadband infrastructure is too poor, many people are still in the dial-up Internet era, such as my family. Every time you start the system, you have to click another broadband connection to access the Internet. This is really troublesome, and the level of my mom's computer is not high. It is still necessary to set up an automatic dial-up upon startup. Next I will write four methods for enabling au

Automatic update: how to disable automatic update in Windows 7

Automatic update: how to disable automatic update in Windows 7 Comparison of version numbers When automatic updates are implemented, the version number must be compared. For example, compare the sizes of 1.0.6 and 1.0.7. Solution: Convert the string of the version numbe

Windows 7 Automatic Update How to turn off Win7 turn off Automatic Updates tutorial

1, we open the beginning of the computer in the following "Control Panel" and then click Open to enter 2, in the Control Panel, we click on "System and security" to open access 3, then we click on "Windows Update" open access, details are as follows 4, then click on the interface "Change Settings" and then click Enter. 5, then we click on "Never check the update" after opening the details below 6, the

Does Windows 7 disable automatic update of windows media player?

1. Press "Win+r" and enter Gpedit.msc carriage return successfully entered the Group Policy Editor. 2. In the Group Policy Editor that goes into, we click "Computer Configuration"--"Administrative Templates"--"Windows Components" and then we click on the left window to find the Windows Media Player item and expand. 3. Here we find "Prevent

Troubleshoot Windows 7 QQ panel automatic hiding function

Windows 7 enhances the ability to drag and drop the mouse window to improve the user's operating experience. If we use the mouse to drag a program window to the left or right side of the desktop, this program window will automatically be 50% width on the left or right side o

Windows 7 System automatic Backup Setup graphics and text detailed

This article looks at automatic backup settings. Windows 7 Automatic Backup Setup Wizard 1. Open system Backup and restore Set open Control Panel-"system and Security"-"Backup and Restore" in turn, as shown in the following illustration: This is the default setting state of the

Introduction to Windows 7 window

In Windows 7, a consistent Windows window design is still in use. Window based design can improve multitasking efficiency, and users can clearly see what is open and what programs are running. Windows

Solution to the problem of automatically changing the QQ window in Windows 7

In the Windows 7 system environment, when we use the mouse to drag the QQ program window to the top edge of the system desktop or the right edge, the corresponding program window is often automatically maximized, it is obvious that such intelligent operation will sometimes hinder the user to browse the contents of the

Windows 7 automatic playback dialog box loss Solution

During this time, I inserted a USB flash drive or SD card and found that the automatic playback dialog box did not pop up automatically. Somehow, I lost myself. I think the automatic playback function is quite useful, it brings me great convenience. Since the automatic playback dialog box cannot work, I searched it on Google and finally found a solution. The foll

To optimize the Windows 7 Error Reporting pop-up prompt window

When the user's computer software or hardware abnormal situation, Microsoft in order to better understand the Windows system for this problem collection and processing, will pop up an error report dialog box, ask the user whether to submit this error to Microsoft official. Some users think that Microsoft's window query is annoying, simply to disable. Disabling W

Windows 7 Disables the automatic installation of driver methods

this picture A new pop-up window will ask you if you want Windows to download the driver for the device. We choose a second "No, let me select the action to perform”。 After that, a few more options will pop up. WeSelect the third itemTo prevent automatic installation of the driver. [“always install the best driver software from

Windows 7 driver Disable automatic installation Update method detailed

window (unknown device in Device Manager). 1, find unknown equipment or need to update the driving hardware list Open Device Manager (left), you can see the need to install the drive device (of course, if the device has been plugged in, if necessary, but also need to connect the power, the virtual driver will not say can be installed directly), the following figure. 2, update the driver Right-click on the Unknown device (if you need to update the d

How to solve the problem of automatic shutdown of Windows 7 dual hard drive

How to solve the problem of automatic shutdown of Windows 7 dual hard disks with the rapid decline in hard disk prices, there are more and more friends using dual hard disks. Generally, one of them is used as the system primary disk, and the other is used as the slave disk storage file. If you are using Windows

How to Set automatic network connection for Windows 7 system startup

The Automatic Network Connection Technique for Windows 7 is now gradually becoming the mainstream computer system. Many users are attracted by the perfect image and user-friendly design of the system. Nowadays, people can use computers to do a lot of things, such as watching movies, Browsing webpages, and playing games. However, these things are inseparable from

Complete Automatic Logon for Windows 7

My computer is only used by me at home. It is not necessary to enter the password every time I start the system. Even if I clear the password, I can automatically log on, some functions in Windows 7 require you to set the password of your account (such as Remote Desktop Connection). How can you enable XP to automatically log on to Windows

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