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How do I uninstall a device in Device Manager in Windows 8?

1, the system under the same time hold down the keyboard "Windows" and "X" key to open the System menu, select "Device Manager." See figure below 2, Device Manager to select the device to uninstall the double-click, pop-up Drop-down menu will appear to uninstall the driver. Right-click "Uninstall" on the s

[References] More on device app install-installing a Windows Mobile Device Application from

Http:// on device app install- installing a windows mobile device application from a desktop MSI following my post a few weeks ago adapt your app resources and references I 've got Ed a few questions on taking the application installation to the next step.

Research and study on mobile device reading experience from 8 aspects

has always wanted to the mobile device reading experience for a more complete research and learning, but the content is too much, involving a lot of traditional graphic design knowledge, currently only a preliminary complete font part. The complete research framework includes: 1. Interface layout Design method. The commonly used raster segmentation is suitable for the automatic typesetting of the complex c

Install the Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows 2008

When I install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1 on a windows2008 system, a pop-up dialog box prompts you for missing Windows components that are required for a Windows Mobile device

PHP50 detailed in Windows Mobile Device Center Windows

application/x-httpd-php "/php/php-cgi.exe" Modify PHP.ini, remove Extension=php_mysql.dll front ";", default is there! The same is true of PHP for Apache as module. Modify Apache's httpd.conf LoadModule Php5_module C:/php/php5apache.dll Addmodule mod_php5.c AddType application/x-httpd-php. php But this way you have to copy all the DLL files to the Windows system directory, php.ini and Php.exe to the Windows

Windows Server 2008 Installation Microsoft ActiveSync 6.1 tips for missing a Windows Mobile device hub required

Windows Server 2008 installs WinCE synchronization software that requires the installation of Microsoft ActiveSync 6.1 version.and cannot install activesync| Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 version of the.In addition, we always pop up a dialog box during installation to prompt for the missing Windows components required by a Windows

Windows Mobile development articles favorites-device emulator

Collect some simulators and installation and usage in Windows Mobile development, such as Internet Settings, memory configuration, and installation and debugging errors.Article. Why use a simulator? [Go] Download Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and Chinese Simulator Windows

Windows 8 system Bluetooth device shows how the exclamation mark resolves

Computer and mobile phone after the adoption will be based on mobile phone Bluetooth features automatically scan the Bluetooth device driver, Windows system with only Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth audio and other commonly used service drivers, such as Nokia and other Bluetooth functions more

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (49) Input: Get input device information

Input: Get input device information, virtual keyboard, Tab navigation, pointer, Tap, Drag, Drop Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps input Enter information about the device Application of SIP (Soft Input Panel) Tab Key Navigation Pointer-pointers, mouse Tap-Touch Drag and Drop Example 1. Demonstrat

How Windows 8 updates a device's drivers

The WIN8 system updates the driver for a device as follows: 1, right click on the desktop space, under the desktop pop-up "All applications" option, left click "All applications." 2, left click "Control Panel". 3, the second way into the "Control Panel" method. Press the Windows and X keys on the keyboard simultaneously, and click Control Panel. 4, left click "Hardwar

What kind of Windows 8 device is best for you

Today, computer equipment has a wide variety of variants, including tablets, hand-held, and flat-panel hand-held two-hop. These devices all have their own characteristics, so be careful when choosing the equipment. If you are afraid to pick a beautiful device, but it does not meet your needs, or you pick the wrong piece of equipment, its characteristics and your life habits and work way out of tune. Well, you'd better look at the following analysis an

Introduction to Windows 8 style application Development Ten device Directions

Common directions for supporting Windows 8 operating system devices What does Windows 8 use to monitor the direction of the device in our common devices? The answer is directional sensor, then for the device in different directio

Using the smart device framework for Windows Mobile Development

The. NET Compact framework's class libraries are sadly inadequate for developing full-featured Windows Mobile applications, sometimes forcing you to rely upon the problemtatic platform invoke. enter smart device framework (SDF), a group of extensions designed to pick up where the Compact framework's class libraries leave off. By Wei-Meng Lee December 4, 2007 If y

Log on to southbound website (1) restart the Windows Mobile Device

We went to Singapore for mobility Metro training during the Spring Festival. Many MVPs and MCT members from across Asia attended the training. The purpose of this training is to quickly promote the latest technologies developed by Windows Mobile 6.0 and Visual Studio 2008 to the world. We will also launch a series of mobility Metro training in China. A total of four people went to Singapore for training thi

The device emulator 2.0 in the Windows Mobile 6 SDK

Device simulators have always been mobile applicationsProgramAn important tool in development. We can test applications in the simulator without using real devices, making development easier and faster, with less cost. The new version of device emulator 2.0 is installed on your machine when you install the Windows

HD screen Windows 8 device display setup and optimization

screen or lower right corner, the Super button menu bar (Charm menu bar), and then select the "Settings" button, the keyboard operation is to press the "Win+i" key, Select "Change computer settings." Click "Easy to use" again. Note: This setting switch is only available under the High Definition screen and is grayed out when the resolution is set to 1366x768 or lower. Diagram: Turn on the "Enlarge all content on screen" switch in the Win8 "easy to use" settings interface

Use Windows azure Mobile Service to develop Windows Phone 8 app

-How to Make a Windows Phone 8 app with Windows azure Mobile Service Windows azure mobile service has been launched for some time. This may be one of the most popular feature in Windows

Microsoft releases Windows 7 platform Windows Phone 8 sync and mobile management terminal

Given that not many people have been upgraded to Windows 8 systems, and that most of the WP8 phones are still on the PC side of the WP8 device through the Windows 7 system, Microsoft is officially releasing the WP8 Sync and cell phone management terminal on the Windows 7 pla

Obtain the unique identifier of a Windows Mobile Device

Recently sortedCodeIn the msdn blog, I found that a cool person sorted out a class with comprehensive functions and explained in detail how to obtain the correct device ID.How do I get the "right" device ID?A simple device ID class In addition, Microsoft. NET Compact framework quickstarts tutorial also provides a simple example. It also calls the

WIN10 64-bit installation Windows Mobile Device Center does not start or automatically exits

Problem:WIN10 64-bit installation Windows Mobile Device Center does not start or automatically exitsWorkaround:1. View the log:Windows System Log displays: The Windows Mobile 2003-based device connection service failed to start be

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