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Diskless 98 remotely started on Linux

Article title: diskless 98 remotely started on Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The

Inno Setup tutorial-FAQs

Function * Translate the Inno Setup text* Does it support MBCS (Multi-Byte Character Set?* Will Windows Installer be supported in the future?* How do I change the setup.exe icon?* You can use Inno Setup to create a conditional

13 Installation tips for Windows operating system

I use Windows 98, how do I set the startup mode? When Windows 98 is installed, a Msdos.sys file is generated in the C: root directory, which is a text file that you can open with a file editor with some related setup parameters. As shown below: ...

Install Apache (PWS) PHP4MySQLphpMyAdmin in Windows 98 _ PHP Tutorial

Install Apache (PWS) PHP4MySQLphpMyAdmin in Windows 98. Author: TonyReeves () Published on: 080816: 521. install PHP4 software obtained: abroad; domestic,, etc. decompress the package to author: Tony Reeves ()

History of Windows ZT

Original address: HTTP://WINDOWS.MICROSOFT.COM/ZH-CN/WINDOWS/HISTORY#T1=ERA01975–1981:microsoft startMicrosoft co-founder Paul Allen (left) and Bill GatesIt was the 1970s, and people's work depended mainly on printers. If you need to copy a document,

Five windows password settings and cracking

In the process of using a computer, it is inevitable to deal with various types of passwords. The following nine types of passwords may be the most popular for everyone: BIOS password, installation password, user password, power management password,

Windows XP system failure Ultimate Troubleshooting Encyclopedia

First, boot up troubleshooting "Q": My operating system is Windows XP, but after the start of the login interface, click on the user name to log in, "is loading personal settings" after the cancellation of their own, excuse me, what is the reason?

Computer FAQ and Solution 1th/2 Page _ Hardware Maintenance

Computer in the start-up and operation process, if there is a fault will appear corresponding error message, we can follow the prompts to resolve the current problem. But most of these tips are in English prompts or machine code, which makes people

Computer Master common skill application Full contact _WINDOWSXP

1. How to clear the paging file when shutdown    Open Control Panel, click Administrative tools → local security policy → local policy → security options, double-click the shutdown: Clean virtual memory paging file item, click the Enabled option

How to clear Trojans-104 Trojans manually clear methods

During this time, the server was infected with viruses, and I did not know much about the security issues. I have organized some methods to clear Trojans this time. I hope to help you with some valuable information. Although there are a lot of

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