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Goodbye Windows C + +

I wrote a gadget 3 years ago that was used to detect the version of the Windows operating system and the version of the. NET framework that was installed, and I used it to troubleshoot problems that prevented programs from running because of lack of

Windows C + + waits for thread synchronization sample with each other

Windows C + + waits for thread synchronization sample with each otherThread synchronization problems encountered in development can be abstracted into the following models:1, the main thread continues to execute the premise is that the child thread

Embedded PC VS2008 Development Windows C # Tutorial

The second phase of the "embed in the sky" tutorial will explain how to use VS2008 to develop Windows C # for some embedded boards. This includes creating a new C # project, setting up a network synchronization method, and debugging a C # program.

Windows C + + modifies user permissions for folder operations

The System files (folders) under General Windows only allow the limited account to read and not write and modify. If you want to turn on write permissions, you will need to manually modify the user account security permissions for the file (folder) (

Windows C + + multitasking concurrent execution design

1, problem description(1) The service side is responsible for issuing the task, and each time a task issued, issued a number of tasks are not fixed (through the issued interface check issued), but the total number of (2) The client is responsible

Ubuntu under cross compilation Windows C program

Brief introductionUsing MINGW32 can be directly compiled under Linux C program output for Windows EXE program or DLL link library.Personal compiled pure C program (without WINAPI), mainly C99 program, usually gcc/cc compiled debugging, and then use

[Windows C] CreateProcess

#include #include#includevoid_tmain (VOID) {startupinfo si; Process_information Pi; LPTSTR szCmdLine=_tcsdup (TEXT ("mychildprocess")); ZeroMemory (&si,sizeof(SI)); SI.CB=sizeof(SI); ZeroMemory (PI,sizeof(PI)); //Start the child process. if( !

Free Windows C disk space-virtual memory and hibernation files

The project team has a Windows workstation, and because of the need to use the latest Kinect SDK, Windows 8.1, Memory 32G, with a 250G SSD, is divided into C drive. Recently reinstalled the system, slightly installed point software, found that only 5

Windows C settings Console text output color (can be used as a test)

#include #defineRED 0x0004#defineGREEN 0x0002#defineBLUE 0x0001#defineWhite red| green| BLUE#defineYELLOW red| GREEN#definePINK red| BLUE#defineTurquoise blue| GREEN#defineBg_red 0x0040#defineBg_green 0x0020#defineBg_blue 0x0010#defineBg_white

"Go" Windows C + + get file information use of the--_stat function

Functions of the _stat functionThe _stat function is used to obtain information about a file or folder for a specified path.function declarationint _stat ( constChar *path, struct _stat *buffer);Parameters: path--the path to a file or

Using VS for Proctocol buffer development under windows (C + + article)

Because of the working reason contact Proctocol Buffer (protobuf), as to what is protobuf, why use PROTOBUF, I will not repeat, Baidu is the answer.Today I am introducing the environment configuration process and a simple example of using VS for

A technical decision-making phenomenon caused by a remote startup of Windows C + + programs

Or because of that before 8:30 to start nearly hundred sets of offer procedures, almost two weeks ago said that they will take time to solve, one-off start, until yesterday almost can take a few minutes to start thinking how to solve the problem.The

Some tests for rand () under Windows C + +

intxs[]={-1,0,1,0};intys[]={0,-1,0,1};intx=0, y=0; for(intt=0;t1 -; t++){ intD=rand ()%4; X+=xs[d];y+=Ys[d]; Draw a point at (x, y);}Depending on the value of rand ()%4, the direction of movement of the point is determined, and the image is

A Windows C + + threading class implementation (encapsulating the API to form a class, but not perfect.) In fact, you can learn the TThread of Delphi)

Thread.h[CPP]View PlainCopy #ifndef __thread_h__ #define __thread_h__ #include #include #include Class Runnable { Public Virtual ~runnable () {}; virtual void Run () = 0; }; Class Cthread: Public Runnable

The development and construction of Windows/C + + Environment

Through on-line query, compare accidentally chose Cygwin as the compilation environment, Code::Blocks as IDE. The environment is well-equipped, temporarily feel very useful. The steps are now documented below.First, Windows use Cygwin to build A/C +

Xplayer, my open source audio player (windows,c++)

Project Address:Https:// compiled program:Http:// program is tested under Windows 8.1 64-bit. 32-bit is currently not supported.First, the Operation methodRun Xplayer.exe, select the menu "

Use of Thrift under Windows (C + +)

Thrift CPP Environment Construction:1, installation boost_1_53_0, note that when using the VS2010 version, using the binary boost installation version, the generated Lib may be, in subsequent operations will be problematic. In the source directory,

Vscode Multi-file compilation and connection based on Linux and Windows/C + +

Sometimes write small program, do not want to start 2013,vscode is my first choice. Just contact Vscode when, followed the online configuration of a bunch of things, and finally can compile C + +, but a lot of files involved, I have to obediently

Windows/C + + Gets the current system time __c++

Windows CC get current system time scheme a localtime advantage only use C standard library disadvantage can only be accurate to the second level scenario two Getlocaltime SYS benefits can be accurate to millisecond disadvantage using Windows API

Artistic style for use under Windows (C + +)

Artisticstyle is an open source source code formatting tool. The home address is:, which can be applied in C, C + +, objective-c, C #, Java and other programming languages. A detailed introduction to using it in http://

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