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Win7 Fax scan function cannot be used to repair

Fax and Scan are the most commonly used equipment in life, it can help us to print and transfer the required files, etc., but there are some difficult problems in the use of the most recent users Win7 64-bit flagship operating system under the use of fax features of the problem, and the failure of this phenomenon and "

Win7 solutions to the inability to use Fax and scan functionality under the flagship system

The fax machine is the application of scanning and photoelectric transformation technology, widely used in office space, especially the fax and scanning functions will often use, but in the course of use may encounter a variety of problems, such as the use of Win7 flagship system users reflect that can not use the fax and scanning machine function, how to solve i

Win7 System Fax Scan cannot use how to reinstall

The use of fax machines is very extensive, especially in enterprise companies, and in different operating systems to install and use the printer will vary, but in use will inevitably encounter some problems, the most recent users in the Win7 64-bit flagship version can not use the fax function when the normal use, At this point you need to reinstall the fax machi

Win7 flagship PC can't use Fax and scan function

Failure Analysis: In fact, in the Win7 flagship version of the computer problems, most of it is due to the installation of the fax machine has caused problems, we just reinstall once can solve the problem. Now, let's give a detailed description of the solution: 1. First of all, we click on the Start menu of the Win7 flagship computer and go to the interface of the control Panel, then we click on the control Panel interface to "Control Panel"-"program

Receive fax with Windows XP

In an emergency, a foreign friend will send me a fax, but I don't have a fax. What should I do? I suddenly remembered that Windows XP had a fax function, but I never had a chance to use it. I tried it, so I had to tell my friend my phone number and study Windows XP.

How to set up a scheduled scan in Windows Defender under the WIN10 system

WIN10 with anti-virus software Windows Defender, the default daily scheduled scan. This would have been a good thing, but when it comes to scanning, it will inevitably clash if you catch a high-speed computer operation. In fact, we can set Windows Defender plan Scan, how to set it? Open the Local Group Policy Editor (

Windows can be reduced-what would happen if you simplified windows 80%? Litepc to help you

Windows is canceled first, then, the system automatically scans and obtains the software configurations in the current operating system, and allows you to unmount the modules that cannot be detached from the operating system, for example, the mobile wizard function automatically installed by the operating system, the task scheduling function, the Windows Script Host module, the core font module, the

Use Python to help you clean windows trash

Objective Everyone should have some experience, in the Windows system used for a long time will produce some "junk" files. These files are the temporary files of the program, some operation records or logs, etc. The accumulation of garbage over time, resulting in reduced available space, too much file fragmentation, the speed of the system will be affected. Mac and Linux systems do not have such problems, so they are only available for

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