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C # Winform Subform access controls and properties of the parent form _c# Tutorial

Today in a contact management of C # design, with this problem, I need to upload the values from the TextBox in the parent form to the subform and query the database, and I used the new parent form (). TextBox.Text; To carry out the value transfer, but without eggs, after many experiments, A simpler solution was found: A, subform calls a static variable of the p

C # traverse a form all controls or all controls of a type

// traverse the form all controls, foreach inch This . Controls) { //The operation after traversal ... false ;}Traverse all textbox type controls or all DateTimePicker controlsforeach(Control controlinch This. Controls) {  //Traverse all textbox ... if(Control isText

Clever Use of C # to achieve free Transformation of All Form Controls following the form size

Using system; Using system. Collections. Generic; Using system. componentmodel; Using system. Data; Using system. drawing; Using system. text; Using system. Windows. forms; Using system. collections; Namespace windowsapplication3 { Public partial class form1: Form { /******************** Program Dynamic Array used to store initial data and related private variables ************************ ******/ Private arraylist initialcrl = new arraylist (); // u

C # implements free transformation of all controls in a form following form dimensions

/**********************************c# the code implementation control with the form of the free transformation ********************************************/ Article Source: Star Soul Studio Author: Moon Cloud 2008.8.4 /**********************************************************************************************************/ Using System;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.ComponentModel;Using S

C # Form controls automatically adjust following form size

Test purpose: How to make the controls in the window automatically adjust to the size of the formTest environment: WIN10 ENT + VS2015Method principle: Record the initial window size, control size and other information. Whenever the window size changes, the window size is calculated relative to the initial scale, and then the position (location), size, and font size (font.size) of the control are adjusted based on the scale.C # main test code:usingsyst

C # Winform uses FlowLayoutPanel and custom editing controls to quickly build an editing form page for C/S,

C # Winform uses FlowLayoutPanel and custom editing controls to quickly build an editing form page for C/S, In my personal understanding, the purpose of developing an application, whether B/S or C/S structure type, is nothing more than implementation for usersQuery, add, mod

C ++ Builder dynamically creates controls (Tutorial) and builder controls

C ++ Builder dynamically creates controls (Tutorial) and builder controls When developing an application similar to an interpreter or implementing a visual operation function, you must dynamically create controls (objects) and add appropriate event handlers to these

WinForm ways to traverse all child controls of a form _c# tutorial

The example in this article describes how WinForm traverses all child controls of a form. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Read more about C # Interested readers can view the site topics: "WinForm Control Usage Summary", "C # form Operatio

C # Introduction to programming trilogy: add controls to the form in step 2

Step 2 add controls to the formThe next step is to add controls to the form. We create an instance variable for each control, initialize these new instance variables, and put each control in the form. Here is the form and updated code after the control is added:Public class

Solution to the sudden disappearance of C # Form Controls

Today, I opened the C # project and found that all the controls in the form were missing. It was very strange. So I started to find the reason, but it still did not solve the problem. I am helpless. Come on, open it *. desigener. CS file. See form InitializationCode, I created a project, drew several

C # WinForm Controls-Form

form.7.MaxIMizeBox, MinmizeboxSets whether there is a maximized, minimized box.8.OpacityForm Transparency Settings9.IsMdiContainerSets the current form as the form container.You can create a subform in the Load event of the current form with the following code:private void Frmmain_load (object sender, EventArgs e){For

How C # Adds and removes form controls to excel

In Excel, the added control can be associated with a cell, and we can manipulate the control to modify the contents of the cell, and in the following article we will describe how to add several different form controls in Excel, including: Add a text box radio button check box Combo box using the tool : Free Spire.xls for. NET 8.3 (Community edition)PS: After downloading and install

Original C # proportionally scales form controls and fonts

;0) - Settag (con); the } + } A the /// + ///Scale control size and font by scaling - /// $ /// $ /// - /// - Private voidSetcontrols (floatNEWX,floatNewy, Control cons) the { - foreach(Control coninchcons. Controls)Wuyi { the string[] MyTag = con. Tag.tostring (). Split (New Char[] {':' }); - intwidth = (in

C # implements the controls for each control in a form to be automatically indented _mongodb

The main way to implement this is to use the Panel control as the theme, to record the size position and font properties of each control, and then to shrink the size of the form as it changes. The brief steps are as follows: 1. Create a C # form program project.2. The panel is placed on the form.3, set properties doc

C # recursively iterates through the form all TextBox controls, and then sets the TextBox event

voidIteratecontrolssettextbox (control.controlcollection CTLs) - { the foreach(Control controlinchCTLs) - {Wuyi if(Control isTextBox) the { -(Control asTextBox). Enter + =NewEventHandler (settextboxonenterstyle); Wu(Control asTextBox). Leave + =NewEventHandler (settextboxonleavestyle); - } About $ if(Control. Controls.Count >0) - { - Iteratecontrolssettextbox (Control.

C + + methods for obtaining information in other program form controls

The example in this article describes how C + + obtains information in other program form controls. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This shows a way to get information about other program form controls, Use the FindWindow API to f

C # Form loading and control loading out of sync cause controls to blink

Control flicker caused by form loading and non-synchronization of control loading:Code blocks are added anywhere in the parent form to resolve control flicker issues caused by form loading and control loading not synchronizingprotected override CreateParams CreateParams{Get{CreateParams CP = base. CreateParams;Cp. ExStyle |= 0x02000000;return CP;}}The principle i

C # WinForm Form controls panel modify border color and border width method

C # WinForm Form Control Panel modify border color and border width Method 1. Create a new component here you can customize a panel control named Panelex2. Add a Bodercolor attribute and Bodersize property1 PrivateColor _bordercolor =Color.Black;2 3[Browsable (true), Description ("Border Color"), Category ("Custom Grouping")]4 PublicColor bordercolor5 {6 Get{return_bordercolor;

C # Use anchor and dock to design complex interfaces (Controls change with the size of the form)

ProgramInterface above Brief description of each part: The entire form overwrites A splitcontainer. Put a label and a Treeview on Panel1 of splitcontainer. Put a tabcontrol on panel2 of splitcontainer. There are two tabpages on tabcontrol. Put a combo box and two buttons on tabpage1. Go is button1, back is button2. The following is a webbrowser The following controls are placed on tabpage2: Labe

C # Validator (data verification) of controls in Windows Form)

Due to an occasional idea, I made a living to make A Validator control under windows form, or simply say a class!Because the Validator control in webform is too easy to use. Haha, read the code directly!The following class is mainly a simple verification class, but it serves only as an example. Let's take full advantage of other functions!1 using System;2 using System. Collections. Generic;3 using System. Linq;4 using System. Text;5 using System. Wind

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