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When you install the MSI file, the Windows Installer Service cannot be started.

software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "unable to access the Windows Installer. In the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"Solution:1. Enter misiexec/regserver at the command prompt.2. Start Windows

I take It all back:using Windows Installer (MSI) Rollback Actions

Original Link: I-take-it-all-back-using-windows-installer-msi-rollback-actions.html#sthash. Kiiukl0s.dpufby Robert DickauSometimes an installer just needs to does something that Windows

How to Set Directory Permissions at Install time using a MSI Created using Windows Installer XML (WIX)

Original Link: How-to-set-directory-permissions-at-install-time-using-an-msi-created-using-windows-installer-xml-wix.aspxAuthor:chris Jacksonfollowing content is the directly reprinted from above link and the for knowledge sharing. Please go to above link for more detailed info. thanks~Here is a topic I has been s

Create Windows Services as an MSI Installer

1. Create a new "installation project" project; 2. Add all the corresponding project files in Solution Explorer (right-click "add"> "file" on the project "); 3. Click "Custom operation Editor" at the top of solution Resource Manager "; 4. In the "Custom operations" view, click "Install" and Right-click "add custom operations ", in the displayed window, select items in the project, select the EXE file of the corresponding Windows service, and click

Sphinx generating Windows Help files (. chm files)

This article does not describe the use of Sphinx, but simply outlines the steps to generate a. chm file under Windows.0. First check if the machine has HTML help Workshop software installed, the general installation path should be C:\Program Files (x86) \html help Workshop\hhw.exeIf not installed, download the installa

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