windows installer service cannot accessed

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The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed! ========================================================== ========================== Author: tonykorn97 ( Posted: Category: Windows Source: -----------

Windows7_ installation Issue "Windows installer service could not being accessed ..."

Tags: windows7 HTTPS regedit mic Access server machine SOF LocalIssue: When you install Python, you are prompted to "Cannot access Windows installation Services ..."? Solution: 1, open the registration form; Action: windows-"Start-search-" input "regedit"-"Enter" 2, find WOW64; Operation: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices (Service)MSIServer WOW6

When installing the software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "unable to access the Windows Installer. In the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"

When installing the software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "Windows Installation cannot be accessed ."ProgramIn the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"Solution:1. Enter misiexec/regserver at the command prompt.2. Start

Write a Windows Service Question 2: Explore the relationship between the service and the installer

() { = { new feijiservice (), new Huocheservice () }; (SVS); }Let's just check to see if the service that is not installed is going to work.Now, execute InstallUtil xxx.exe to install, after installation, in Service Manager only see "Airplane", do not see "train".Obviously, only the "aircra

Unable to access Windows Installer service workaround

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" (Unable to access the Windows Installer Service) error message when you install the program in

Unable to access Windows Installer service while attempting to install Office

screen, select the installation you want to start, and then press Enter. E. Log on to the computer. F. Click Start, click Run, type Msiexec/regserver in the Open box, and then click OK. 13. Shut down the computer, and then restart the computer normally. If you still cannot install Microsoft Office successfully and you receive an error message that is similar to the message listed in the "Symptoms" section, use Method 3. Method Three: Try the methods listed in Microsoft Knowledge

Windows 7 IIS installation windows modules Installer Service cannot be started

To install IIS in Windows 7, go to "Control Panel- Program "," Turn on or off the windows function ", after a patient wait, it turns out to be blank, and there is no Internet option. Continue Google search and find that the "Windows modules Installer Service" needs to b

Windows Installer Service Solution

Symptom: when installing the software, how can this problem be solved? "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode or the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Please contact y

OFFICE2010 installation Error, Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files

Transferred from: An error occurs during installation: The Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files, and the installation fails and is being rolled back. This question puzzled me for a long time, on the official website of Microsoft also

Win7 64-bit flagship system Windows Installer service stop

According to users, in the Win7 64-bit flagship system installed Office, QQ, anti-virus software, CAD and other software when all appear Windows Installer service stop prompts, can not continue to install, but have to choose the green version of the software to use, then what causes can not install software , why is there a prompt for

Solution to Windows Installer Service unavailability

In many cases, I run msiexec/unregserver directly in cmd and then run msiexec/regserver, but I don't know if it works for others. Here is what I found online, for reference only:Many users often encounter Windows Installer errors when installing file packages in the MSI format. The following phenomena exist: 1. All MSI formats installed using the Windows

Cannot access Windows Installer Service

If your system is WinXP, the following error occurs when you install Office2003: "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service, it may be because Windows or Windows Installer is not correctly installed when you run it safely. "

. Net Windows service program and Installer creation Diagram

Window service used in recent projects Program I have never touched on it before. I am a stranger. I spent two days studying it and wrote a simple service. However, when I made the installation program, I referred to a lot of information on the Internet, however, they cannot be created successfully. It may be because the development environment or project configuration is different. Here, we will post the

Solution to failure to access the Windows Installer Service-go

Posted on Tuesday, May 17,200 am # Computer Network --> There are many problems this year. Today, the company's computer has another problem. When a colleague installed "Ziguang Input Method 3.0, The system prompts"You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode, or the

Add installer for C # Windows Service

Recently, I have been engaged in Windows Services and have a lot of experience. I feel that permissions are definitely much more restrictive than general programs, but they are also more convenient. For example, the system is not blocked in the background, and user logon is not required. Haha, it's a long journey. Today, let's talk about how to create an installation package for the Windows

Windows Installer Service Problems

What should I do if the Windows Installer Service is missing? I recently encountered a confusing problem. When installing some upgrade files, the system prompts that I have not started the Windows Installer Service, I went to

What should I do if I cannot access the Windows Installer Service?

Symptom: "Windows cannot be accessed"Installer Service. This may happen when Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact the technical support staff for help ." Method 1) 1. Run the "cmd" command prompt, enter "msie

How to fix windows installer Service Failure

. Solution 2: If the problem persists, try the following method to reinstall the Installer: 1. Restart to safe mode and delete the following files// System32/msi. dll // system32/msiexec.exe/ Root>/system32/msihnd. dll // system32/dllcache/msi. dll/ Root>/system32/dllcache/msiexec.exe // system32/dllcache/msihnd. dll2. , Rename the following file as: *. OldCabinet. dllimagehlp. dllmsimsg. dllmsls31.dllmspatcha. dllriched20.dllshfolder. dllusp10.dll 3.

Install MySQL service under Windows via MySQL Installer

MySQL official provides the installer way to install MySQL service as well as other components, so that the installation of Windows, uninstall, configuration MySQL becomes particularly simple.1. Preparing for installation 1.1 preparing the MySQL installation packageWindows version installation package downloadBaidu Cloud Disk share installation package download p

Win7 system installation software prompts you not to access the Windows Installer service what to do

Win7 64-bit flagship download, you will find the Internet to download software resources, and software resources have a variety of formats, in the process of installation will inevitably encounter some problems. A few days after the user installed the software under the Win7 operating system error and prompted "Unable to access the Windows Installer service." Thi

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